Since I call my mom so often to not only check on the baby, but also on her, she gives me multiple daily updates on his latest ‘tricks.’ Though I miss tons while I’m working, it’s good to know that I can at least hear about them through my mom. With less than 2 hours of awake time with the baby during the week, I’ve noticed Jack’s increasing development so much more this past week. Dare I say it, but with a more consistent eating and sleeping pattern, mixed with those gummy smiles and flirty giggles, the 3rd month has been a honeymoon period for us–so far. This must be the calm before the storm.

I mentioned the other week that Jack’s leg strength has been quite noticeable with his Beckham-strength kicks, not to mention his expert scooting skills. Even though he hasn’t shown much interest in sitting up on his own, Jack likes to stand and sit on demand. If you count from 1 to 3 and hold his hands while he’s sitting on your lap, he can psuedo-stand and then plop back down on his butt, with that same grace of a sumo wrestler. He’ll do this with you for several minutes until he’s tired. Since he’s discovered his legs and deemed them his new personal ‘toy’ he likes to use them as much as possible– so much that he ends up crying bc his chubby little legs are tired from his up-down dance.

Besides his legs, Jack also found his toes. toesHe doesn’t quite understand that his toes are attached to him yet. The other day, when I was helping him practice sitting, he was picking at his toes, as if he wanted to pull them off to shove them in his mouth. When he realized that his toes were attached to his feet, he started whimpering out of frustration. In the end, he still loves those Fred Flinstone toes and makes it a point to prop one foot in between his other foot’s toes while swinging (as pictured) This kid is quite the character!

When he’s bored or had enough with his leg and toe games, he likes to envelop each finger in drool and has even found it his mission to shove his entire fist into his mouth. Despite the gags, he’s yet to succeed. His mystification of his fingers goes beyond the drool these days. Jack has learned to reach out and grasp things. In specific, he’s learned that mommy’s hair is a great hoisting tool. If I’m carrying him or leaning over him, he discovered that my long hair doubles as an escape route a la Rapunzel. Like other babies have in the past, Jack gravitates to my hair and grabs hold. However, the difference between him and other babies is that Jack knows that it’s his mommy’s hair, so he won’t let go. Last night, I lost a chunk of hair when I was giving the baby to Jeff. It might be time to donate my hair again.

My sleepless nights and the turbulent work/new mom transition and efforts of juggling it all is catching up to me. Even though I’m so fortunate to have Jeff and my mom helping me with everything imaginable, things are still taxing. I have so much more respect for single moms and military moms. I’ve found myself wavering and trying various techniques that I said I’d never do, all in the name of sanity. When there are more tears than sleep, never say never! More on that later. All in all, Jack is happy and healthy, which is all I could have ever hoped.