Jacky and I have quite an attractive set of matching bags under our eyes today.  So much for starting the New Year off on a healthy foot!

Even though my hands are practically raw from washing and sanitizing so much, it seems everyone’s sickness finally permeated my immune system and has bogged me down with a not so fun head cold.  Not knowing I was really sick until late last night, it also looks like I transmitted a more subtle version of my sickness to the kid, hence the matching bags.  Though the babe slept well right after he went down last night, he started the groans and sympathetic congested nose snorts at about 1:30 a.m…and then went on to comfort nurse for almost every hour, on the hour thereafter.  Good times.

Per usual, I checked online before trying to take any medicine last night since it was clearly too late to call the dr.  Since the main consensus was that no medicine is really safe while nursing, I decided to hold off until I could physically ask someone today.  In another lifetime, I’ve been known to pop an Advil or three at the onset of any headache, but now that I’ve got someone else’s health constantly depending on me, I’d prefer to take much more natural remedies or let it run its course.  So today, in the midst of the zero windchill, my head feels like it’s going to burst any moment but all I have to remedy the pain is Trader Joe’s Green Tea.  yum.

Even though I feel pretty yuck today, Jacky-boy’s sweet smile and morning giggle made me somewhat forget the all-nighter we’d just pulled.  When Jack and I finally crawled out of bed 45 minutes later than usual, we got a nice greeting from my parents.  “awwww, look at him, he’s still smiling even though he’s a little congested.”  “awww what a good boy, he slept so well.”
hahaha.  I beg to differ!! Clearly, they missed all the action from the night before!

As I was wrangling all my stuff before running out the door, my mom gave me a very quick mom-like diagnosis and suggested for me to not pump today “so that the baby wouldn’t get any sicker.”  I know she can’t be right about him getting sicker, so again, I chose to refer to one of my online resources.  And wouldn’t you know it, I was right this time.  Me and my new mom instincts came through.  According to one of the leading breastfeeding resources which was started by a very experienced lactation consultant, it is better for me to CONTINUE to nurse.

In contrast to my mom’s quick assessment, according to Kellymom, the best thing you can do for your baby when you’re sick is to continue to breastfeed.
Good to know.

I’m off to drink another cup of tea and to call my dr. for some better insight.  Stay warm!