Well, what I mean, of course, is that as we expected, Jackson has become quite the popular name. It really doesn’t matter that we chose his name 8 years before we met him. It doesn’t matter that people made the Michael Jackson jokes months before he arrived. It doesn’t even bother me that he’ll be in a sea of Jacksons, Aidens, Sophias and Emmas when he starts school in 2012. So what?
As I said before, Jeff and I have 2 of the most common names from the 70s and we turned out just fine… or so we like to believe! What really matters is that our healthy kid makes his own mark in life and finds a way to stand out in a crowd of unoriginal common names.

Really…we could have worse problems in life, right?

The Top Baby Names of 2007

By the BabyCenter editorial staff

What happened in baby names in 2007? The results are in: Emma has finally been knocked off its number one perch for the first time since it landed there in 2004! Sophia has been making steady progress since 2002, cracked the top 10 in 2005, and jumped six slots to be the new number one baby name for 2007.

Addison jumped a whopping 20 spots this year to land in the top 10 — no doubt thanks to flame-haired actress Kate Walsh’s portrayal of Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd on the hot TV series “Grey’s Anatomy” and its spin-off, “Private Practice.”

In boys’ baby names, Aiden still rules, as it has since 2005. But Jayden, Caden, and Jackson have jumped quickly into the top 10 this year and are the new rising stars.

And here they are, in order: The BabyCenter® Top Baby Names of 2007

Top 10 Girl Names

  1. Sophia
  2. Isabella
  3. Emma
  4. Madison
  5. Ava
  6. Addison
  7. Hailey
  8. Emily
  9. Kaitlyn
  10. Olivia

Top 10 Boy Names

  1. Aiden
  2. Ethan
  3. Jacob
  4. Jayden
  5. Caleb
  6. Noah
  7. Jackson
  8. Jack
  9. Logan
  10. Matthew