Jackson is 3 months old today, and what a fun 3 months it’s been so far. With Christmas having just passed, we’re all feeling a little home hangover. Even though we love where we are and enjoy our friends and life up here, it’s always great to see our families and share the joy of our boy. With that said, it sure doesn’t get any easier leaving. It melts my heart to see my brothers, Jack at 3 monthsaunts and dad with Jack. I also love seeing Jeff’s family interact with him as well. It’s especially heartwarming to see how his cousins love being around him.

Jack was spoiled with love and attention for his first Christmas. All of our friends and relatives were very generous and gifted Jack in a myriad of ways. Jack was seemingly oblivious to all the hustle and bustle in preparation for Christmas and Christmas Eve. He even slept through my family’s tradition of opening gifts on Christmas Eve! But I have to say, for someone who had to travel such a far distance and be passed around so often, Jack was a very good boy all weekend.

At 3 months old, Jack is somewhere in the 17-18 lb. range. In comparison to my petite cousins and his younger cousins, Jack looks like he’s already half their size! He’s much taller it seems, though I’m not sure how much. He’s officially out of 3-6 month clothes and well into 6 and 9 month clothes. He’s also graduated to size 3 diapers. Hopefully he’ll be in those for awhile. I mean, do they make a size 12 diaper? haha.

He’s much more active and alert these days. If you put something to his mouth, he instinctively opens wide. Me thinks that he’ll adopt his mom’s fervor for eating. He’s learning to grasp things on his own and likes to reach out at bright things that catch his attention, rather than just swat his chubby arm at everything that comes his way. With everyone’s giant tvs, Jack can’t help but be mesmerized. We try not to face him towards the tv as much while he’s home, but when we’re out, he loves the lights that go with the big tvs. I mean, how can you miss it? Along with being so alert, Jack’s social skills are blossoming. He’s become as loquacious as his father, if not more. He likes to “talk” and babble regularly when you ask him a series of questions. He’s even started laughing along with you if you smile at him long enough.

With the influx of people he’s met over the past few months, Jack can differentiate who is mommy and daddy. He knows mommy is his source of food and daddy is the one who gives him horsey rides and story time. Speaking of source of food, Jack’s eating pattern has become much more predictable. He eats on average 4 oz. every 3-4 hours, which means MORE sleep time for mommy and a little less time in the “pumping room!” Yes! Jack’s been very good at sleeping too! He’s surprised us with a few sporadic nights where he’s slept the whole way through. But he still makes it a point to wake us up at least once a night.

Jack’s appearance is constantly evolving. Everyone insists that he looks more like Jeff or more like me; we insist that he’s a fine mix of the two of us. He’s not more of one or the other. Though he has a head full of hair, he has a giant bald spot on the back of his head. We know it’ll go away in time, but for now, you can’t miss it!
Jack in actionJack 3 monthsMore belly shotsthis kid does not sit still
Jack’s discovery of his hands and fingers is much more apparent now. He likes to inspect his fist and fingers often to ensure everything is intact. He even makes a point to regularly taste his entire hand and arm, probably to stake his claim. Actually, we noticed over the weekend that he’s showing various signs of teething. He’s begun to drool much more, pop his tongue and blow bubbles. With help, Jack likes to practice standing and sitting on his own. Though he hasn’t perfected the sitting on his own yet, his head control is much better. In addition, he’s as active as ever. He rarely sits still! He’s constantly moving, fidgeting and now kicking– hard! His favorite thing is to “jump” when you’re trying to burp him, which makes for a fun time when he has those wet burps. Actually, when I was trying to take his monthly picture, he thought it would be fun to move the entire time! He’s such a clown! Hope you enjoy his belly shots 😉

Speaking of pictures, please feel free to check out Jack’s Christmas photos taken by the very talented Maegan Dougherty. Jack is actually the first picture in her slideshow. We gave various prints out to family and you can purchase them online too.

Jack (17)