During one of his latest diaper changes, my mom was changing Jack on his changing pad on the floor. Well, since he’s learned how to scoot, he found a way to wiggle off of the mat. In the 2 seconds it took my mom to take the dirty diaper from under him, wipe and *attempt* to put a clean diaper on, Jack successfully pooped on the floor.

Yes, on the floor. I’m so sure he was laughing, too.

jim-beam-choice.jpgCoincidentally, his stain is conveniently right next to the stain created by his father from a few years ago. (If you don’t know what this stain is from, ask us about it one time. It involves Green Label Jim Beam, My friend karate kicking our front door and me pulling one of my infamous Debra Barone fits of rage.)

As if I needed more proof that my life just can’t get anymore glamorous, I have matching stains– father and son– in the middle of our living room carpet.