…well, for us at least!

We enjoyed another fun and festive weekend, but this time it landed us in Long Island for a colleague’s party. The party took place about 60 miles away from where we live AND on the same night the “big” Nor’Easter was supposed to hit. Thankfully, we arrived at the party virtually unscathed; that is, except for Jeff who is constantly on new dad alert and graciously drove the entire trek on the parking lot otherwise known as the LIE!

We had a fun time at the party! Per usual, Jack was passed around like a bowl of Fritos– a bowl of Fritos in one of his party sweater vests, of course. It’s always interesting hanging out with collegues outside of work, especially in a party atomsphere. Jack was in good company at the party, considering there were no less than 15 small children in attendance. Jack and another “little” baby did a lot of hanging out since they were virtually on the same feeding, changing, whining and sleeping cycle. Needless to say, I got to know that baby’s mom and we exchanged notes on nursing and sizes of our babies. Our babies were the extremes on sizes– that baby was 6 months and very petite, no more than 12 lbs., while our baby is gianormous at 2.5 months and towered over the other guy. It was fun having someone to hangout with while everyone else got to drown themselves in the plethora of beer and wine.

When it was time to go home, it was right about that time when the Nor’Easter was supposed to be “hitting.” We fed, changed and put Jack in his pjs before we left to go home. As I tried to wrangle up all his baby paraphanalia, it turns out I left something behind.

Fast forward to this morning: holding up my baby’s tiny tweed pants as he marched into the office, my boss announces, it’s not really a party unless somebody loses his pants.

Oops! I had a feeling we might have left those behind in our haste to miss the storm! It’s a good thing he realized they were Jack’s and returned them! They’re an integral part of one of Jack’s holiday outfits. Leave it to my child to lose his pants at his first holiday party!

Aside from the party, I endured a power shopping session on Saturday morning and knocked out the rest of our Christmas gifts– all before the mad rush to the outlet mall! I bought so much in the matter of 4 hours that I could barely walk out of the mall. I was knocking down small children with my bulky bags. I literally had to walk sideways to exit!

Not only did I finish my shopping, but a certain baby and daddy gifted a very gracious new mom. Baby Jack has exceptional taste in jewelry, btw! Mama loves you, boys.