Not sure how the weather is everywhere else, but up here, it’s definitely a winter wonderland. We had some rain, sleet, snow and then more rain today. All that wet stuff made for a messy commute. We’re supposed to have a Nor’easter this weekend, but we’ll see!

I don’t have too much to report, other than we’re all doing well and still transitioning. With me being back at work and rounding the corner of my second week back, I’ve definitely come to terms that it’s going to be a long road until we get the hang of all this. From work to my mom watching Jack to finding time for a social life to trying to figure out what’s next; I think all aspects of the transition is proving to be difficult, but most especially my choice to continue to exclusively nurse and work full time. I don’t have any thoughts on other moms’ parenting decisions, so I’m apprehensive to even begin discussing my own choices openly. But of course I will anyway.

Every spare moment of my day is spent prepping a meal for the baby. For me, after the whole calculated and medicated labor and delivery, I was amazed at how nature just instantly kicked into high gear. Many of my friends and family said nursing just didn’t work out for them, but for us, it was one of those maternal things that instinctively happened. And if I’ve done anything right (for us) in my short time as a mom, I feel pretty confident about my choice to continue nursing as long as it works.

With that said, by the end of the day, I feel like a cow– not size-wise, but utility-wise. My hormones are still pretty loopy, and with all the extra stuff going on, I think I’ve run the gamut on every imaginable emotion this week. Earlier in the week, when I bitched about how hard things were, I told some girlfriends who knew my woes very well. Having various friends that have experienced similar or the same things, makes the transition much less painful. It’s reassuring to know that I’m not alone!

Backtracking to the other day where everything just seemed to fall apart, I told my girlfriends this: I got home closer to 10pm and guess who woke up when he heard my voice? I can’t tell you how big my heart felt when he laughed and smiled at the silly things I said. That was the most amazing reward to punctuate an otherwise difficult day.

I can easily say the same for the whole week!