During our morning ritual of talking and giggling at each other, I noticed that Jack had 3 small-ish but noticeable scratches on his face. AGAIN.  Just last week, he had a 3 inch scratch across his right cheek which recently healed.  But once again, probably during his middle of the night tirade to be fed, Jack got into a one-on-one cat fight with his own razor blade claws!

I stopped swaddling him about 2 weeks ago once it started to get cold and instead began using one of those warmer, but sleeveless sleep sacks.  While the miracle blanket in theory worked really well, some mornings we’d wake up and find him looking like an escapee from the baby psych ward with one leg dangling and one baby fist comfortably perched next to his cheek.  Despite him sleeping somewhat soundly with the miracle blanket, we assumed that the tight swaddling just wasn’t for him anymore.  If he had the strength to wriggle out of a tight swaddle, there’s no telling what he’d do when we blinked.

We used those baby mittens for several weeks in the beginning which worked well.  But now that he’s found his fingers and his fist, we’re not too sure how to alleviate those middle of the night scratch sessions.  Jack gets so angry if he’s not fed within 3 seconds of realizing his hunger level, and then he begins his ear-piercing fits of rage, now with the flailing hands to his face.  Even though I cut and file his fingernails once, if not twice a week, the kid still finds those tiny nails to get his point across.

We have a holiday party to attend on Saturday with Jack in tow, so now Mr. Scratchy has a set of obvious scratch marks all over his once-flawless porcelain skin.  Oh well, I guess it’ll serve as a great conversation piece.