Over the weekend, we crossed off a few more baby firsts and conceded that our baby is no longer a newborn. In line with me starting back at work, Jacky had some transitioning of his own.
It was about time to say good bye, but we finally bid adieu to Jack’s bassinet andJack in the big boy crib converted it into his big boy crib. Jack was literally busting out of that bassinet. If it wasn’t for his “froggy legs,” his chubby legs would’ve probably been dangling between the slats. So, on Sunday, Jeff pulled out the manual and made the crib bigger. While Jeff had a party with his confetti of nuts, bolts and crib pieces, I went out grocery shopping and dropped off the laundry. When I got back and saw the big boy crib, my heart sunk. Now that Jack is batting his arms and running in place, he’s so much more comfortable in the bigger crib. Even though the crib has wheels, Jack’s sleeping on his own in his closet nursery. He’s growing way too fast.

We woke up on Sunday to our first snowfall of the season and of course, Jack’s first snow day ever. Since it wasn’t too cold out, it was a pretty sight. Untouched morning snow is the best. And it was just our luck that we had our first family photo shoot on the day that it snows! In Jeff and Jen fashion, we were running a bit behind that morning. Add our gassy, groaning baby to the mix, we were running even further behind. So, when the photographer rang the bell at 11:00 am sharp, I mouthed, “oh crap.” The only one who was dressed was the boy. Jeff had just stepped out of the shower and I still had my hair in a bun and no make up. Fantastic. In a frenzy, Jeff got his clothes on. I got my make up on. About half an hour into the photo shoot, Maegan, the photographer discreetly patted the back of her leg. I looked up at her and was confused. Then I finally got it. But of course! I accidentally left the size sticker on the back of my pants. It was quite humbling for the photographer to motion to me that I still had the sticker on the back of my leg and ask, “new jeans?” To disguise my embarrassment, I went on and on about the Old Navy friends and family coupon that I used just the other day and how I just had to take advantage of the coupon to get some jeans.
I’m such an ass.

jackeskimosm.jpgAs it always does, things worked out. Our photographer was incredible and so patient with us. Actually, things went much better than I had anticipated. We got a preview of Jack’s Christmas photos and a few of them made me melt. (Clearly, I’m very biased!) Maegan is so talented and has such a good eye! She definitely captured the baby’s essence. After looking at the preview photos over and over, we fell so much more in love with him! Jeff and I patted each other on the back, looked at each other and said, “That’s our kid.”