I made it through my first day back!  All in all, it wasn’t as bad as I had originally anticipated.  It was bad, but not that bad.  My friends at work definitely softened the sting.  It was pretty fun showing off how much Jack has grown since I first introduced him in October.

On the way home last night I had a revelation.  Once I got off my bus, I had 5 short blocks to walk before I got home.  As soon as my feet hit the pavement, I went running.  Well, not really, but I sprinted.  I wasn’t sprinting because it was cold and windy, I was sprinting because I could not wait to throw my door open and see my smiley baby waiting for me.  Of course that smiley baby was snoring in his crib, but you get what I’m saying…

My friend and I used to joke people in the city who ran to the bus or pummeled people to get on trains.  It completely made sense to me yesterday why these people did such aggressive things:  they were in a rush to get home to their Baby Jacks.  It’s true when they say, things change when you become a mother.   Mind you, I’m not running children down in the street to get on the bus, but I’m definitely streamlining my commute just so I can spent more time with my sweet boy.

Everything makes so much more sense now.