Guess who’s 2 months old now? Crazy, right?

jack and cookie monsterYesterday Jack turned 2 months old. It’s so hard to believe our little butterball is already 2 months. I said it before, but Jack’s already looking like a little boy rather than a little baby… or should I say big baby? I just weighed him and Jack is a whopping 16 lbs. It’s no wonder why I could hardly carry him in his infant carrier. Not so surprisingly, Jack is quickly outgrowing size 2 diapers and is just about in 6 month clothes.

I think his appearance changes on a daily basis, especially his face. Now that his features are more defined, Jeff and I agree that he’s definitely a mix of both of us. His skin is so fair, yet his nose and hair just scream mestizo. And by the way, Jeff is happy to report that Jack’s hairline no longer resembles his own. It looks like Jack’s receding hairline is filling in with more brown baby hair fuzz.

Jack’s becoming more and more vibrant as every day passes. He recently discovered his hands and feet. When I don’t feed him fast enough, he seems to suck on his hands. It’s beyond rooting, he sucks so loud it echoes! And when he’s happy or excited, he likes to kick and punch. He’s already quite the character and oozes charm just like his dad. He also recently discovered that the baby in thchecking out his winter hate mirror is him. Mom and dad have a huge mirror in their living room and Jack loved cooing at the baby on the other side. And wouldn’t you know it, he’s perfecting the art of fake crying– already. He really knows how to manipulate his lola and lolo with his fake cries. But I’m on to him, and he knows it! Mom ain’t buying the fake stuff!

Along with his charm, Jack gurgles and coos very regularly now. He loves to have conversations with me and has even started to giggle a bit. Jack definitely knows when mommy or daddy is talking. He continues to converse with the lamps and ceiling fans. His love for lights and ceiling fans have proven strong. Every where we went in Va., he’d find a lamp or fan to zone in on.

Since we’ve just come back from our first big road trip to Va. and now that we’re settling back to our routine here in NJ, I’m realizing that Jack’s behavior is already affected by his surroundings. For instance, when we were in Va., there was so much going on all the time. There were also a lot of new faces or faces he didn’t recognize, so he was pretty fussy for the first two days or so. Since we were busy all the time, there was no set schedule so it seemed like he was sleeping if he wasn’t fussing or eating. Once he got reacquainted with everyone, he was gurgling and babbling away.
When it’s just Jack and me here at home, I feel as though Jack is babbling to me all day. We have a pretty set schedule: mommy works while Jack naps, when Jack eats mommy is reading something for work, when Jack is playing on his mat mommy watches him on the monitor while she works etc. Speaking of which, this is my last week working from home. I’m reluctantly going back to work, but I know I have to do it for the kid. Monday morning will be a rough day.

When I return to work, I plan to continue nursing by pumping as often as I can. It’ll be interesting, but that’s my plan for now. I have my own office but with glass walls, so that’s no big help. Finding a private area to pump, not to mention the time, should be fun!

Happy 2 months Jacky!

(I left our camera cord back in Va. so I won’t have any updated pix or the monthly pic. Hopefully, I’ll get a new one this weekend.)