In between the mad dash to finish a stack of work and put away 3 weeks worth of laundry and crossing things off my packing list before we leave at 2am tonight, I remembered how imperative it is for me to prepare a playlist for the roadtrip.  Because you know, some things are just THAT important.

The whole playlist significance stems from our many roadtrips from driving back and forth when Jeff and I did the long distance thing twice and then of course, with the many drives down to Va.  If you’re familiar with longass roadtrips, especially through rural Va., you know how Godawful the radio can be.  So, yes, playlists are important for our sanity.   Back in the day, we did mix tapes <sigh>. About 6-7 years ago when I first moved up here, I began burning cds for our playlists.  But now, in the age of digital convenience and ipods, playlists live in infamy within our itunes library.

So here I am, updating my iPod with a new playlist for our trip home to Va.  I should mention that Jack appreciates music that makes him move.  In fact, Jack gets a big kick out of Soulja Boy’s song and dance 😉

Anyway, randomly, I remembered that we received a couple of baby cds as gifts.  (The “no crying and wellness” tag words sold me.)  I loaded the cd into the computer and imported the songs, but all I could do was laugh at how much this kid has infiltrated our lives, INCLUDING the sacred playlists.  So, in between Jeff’s Johnny Cash tunes and my Justin Timberlake songs, I’ve officially added You are my Sunshine and If You’re Happy and You Know It to our iTunes repertoire.

Yet another indication that there’s no turning back…