It’s pretty funny how our weekends are soooo different now that Jack dictates our social calendar. Jack had his first “playdate” this weekend. And when I say Jack had a playdate, I really mean daddy had a playdate. haha.

We got together with our friends Alycia and Will who live south of us, close to where Jeff used to work. We hung out, talked, drank beers, watchedmommies some foozball and Will tried to teach Jeff how to channel his inner rockstar via Guitar Hero. Alycia had her son Braedan in May, so the boys are about 4 months apart. It was interesting to bring the boys together because they obviously have no clue how to play together yet. Like Jack, Braedan is also a big boy, so Jack looked tiny next to him. We’ve got a pair of linebackers on our hands! Even though the kids aren’t interacting yet, it was nice to hang out with new parent friends and talk to someone about my going back to work woes.

our little linebackerOther than the playdate, I did very little to get ready for our trip home! crap! I have 3 huge bags of newly washed but unfolded laundry. Before I can even think of packing our bags, I need to fold a buttload of laundry! Yikes! But on a good note, Jeff just told me that we’re leaving at 2a.m. on Wednesday morning!!! After figuring traffic and tending to mr. baby, we should be in Va. by 10 a.m. on Wednesday! I’m so excited for that extra day of trying to squeeze in more visits!

Get ready Va., here we come!