Jack’s sleeping patterns have been a little screwy with my mom hovering over him during the week and then with us trying to enforce a more structured timeline on the weekends. He had a hard time going to bed since we put him to sleep much differently than his Lola. Anyway, surprisingly, Jack woke up only once last night! That was a first!! He usually wakes up 2-3 times to eat, but last night worked out well. I mean, aside from the fact that he was singing and cooing at 5:30 a.m. while mom and dad were half awake, we were amazed at this miraculous development…or fluke!

We realized Jack wouldn’t go back to sleep at 5:30 a.m. because he had some early morning rumblings down below. haha. Jeff got up to change him and behold, Jack had an enormous diaper for dear old dad! Jeff’s such a good sport (especially when Jack proceeds to fart on him every.single.time!)

After Jeff threw away the gigantic diaper, he said to his smiley boy, “Daddy’s going to go to the bank to get a bunch of 20’s and will lay them out for you, just so you can poop directly on them!”

haha. Of course, Jack was all cute and cooed and smiled at his delirious dad.

I opened a pack of new diapers on Sunday night. It’s now Friday. Jack is on a whole new pack already. That’s about right on schedule with an average of 10 diaper changes a day. They weren’t kidding when they said babies poop a lot!