My first week of working from home went rather smoothly. I even went into the office on Tuesday for a quick meeting. It wasn’t as painful as I thought! It was nice interacting with adults again. Even though I’m cringing at the mere thought of commuting every day and coming home when it’s dark out, I’ve already told a few people, it’s nice to be home and have that transition. Since I’m working the whole day on the computer, staring at him through the video monitor isn’t the same as staring at him while sitting in the chair next to him.

my editorial assistant

With my mom back in Va., it’s just Jack and me during the day until we go home for Thanksgiving. Because he’s a pretty good napper, I’ve been able to do my work without any major problems. Although, when it’s feeding time, Jack commands my undivided attention. After he eats, we take a few minutes to burp and regroup. It turns out, Jack’s a pretty good editorial assistant…but a pretty decent mouse pad too! haha.

Not long after he “helped” me with some work, Jack was back to his routine: snoring his lunch away! (the bouncer vibrates so you might hear that above the snoring.)