Jack’s 7 weeks today and as one of the nurses at the dr’s office said yesterday, “Jack’s really bulking up.”
Ah, yup. “Bulking up” is an understatement (coming from the lady who has to lug him up and down 2 steep flights of stairs!)

Jack’s been much more active this week. We started to notice that he’s discovering himself. He just realized that he has a tongue, so he’s doing these funny mouth gestures, as if his tongue is in his way! He’s also flexing his big hands and not clenching his fists as often. His hands often find their way to his hair, and in turn, he’ll start to pull at it. Jack’s still amazed at lights and anything overhead, especially the ceiling fan. He’s been babbling much more this week too! When he’s content or when you’re talking to him, he likes to answer back and add to the conversation. Here’s a video of Jeff and Jack talking.

Jack can definitely differentiate between familiar voices, and it’s like he knows what he can get away with! For instance, my mom likes to sing to him when he goes to sleep. My mom’s voice calms him down while I’m working. When Jeff gets home at night, Jack’s eyes light up when he hears that low voice. And of course, when mommy dishes out the tough love, Jack stops pretend-crying. haha. I’m not sure if it’s really pretend-crying yet, but Jack definitely exaggerates a little. When I tell him that’s enough, and reassure him he’ll be ok, the whimpering goes down a little. I’m not sure if that’s pure coincidence, but he’s been doing it almost all week.

The funniest trick of the week is his “jumping.” When we put him on our lap to burp him, Jack loves to push off and jump, like he wants to get away! It’s the strangest thing, but again, reinforces how big of a kid he’s becoming in such a short time! We took a little video of that last night, so I’ll be sure to post it soon!