Remember how my OB said Jack’s True Knot indicated good luck? um, yeah. I don’t think that good luck stuff goes into effect any time soon. Actually, to be accurate, it seems my/our bad luck is back, but with a vengeance!

Let’s backtrack a little here. After I had my c-section a month and a half ago, I had a somewhat difficult time with recovery. Not only is my threshold for pain pretty low, but it was pretty difficult functioning on little to no sleep and taking pain meds. Plus, I insisted on doing too much almost all the time, and of course my body punished me. So yeah, my recovery was somewhat tumultuous. Thankfully, the abdominal pain is gone, but lucky me, I have new ailments to replace it!

About 3 weeks ago, I had an itch above my incision, but below my belly button. Since I was too scared to look at the scar, I figured it was my incision healing. A few days later, the itch intensified, as if I had a village of fire ants setting up shop under my skin. Gradually, as the days went on, I’d scratch a little harder and of course, the minor rash spread to a full blown “skin condition.” As I always do, I went to the internet and did a preliminary self-diagnosis and prayed that I was jumping to conclusions.

At my 6-week postpartum appointment last Friday, my dr. confirmed exactly what I was afraid of: I have postpartum PUPPPS. ugh. Why me!!?!! I suppose, if I had to choose, I’m somewhat glad that I have it now rather than during my last trimester when I was miserable for a million other reasons. I really could NOT imagine scratching my eyeballs out when I was that big and uncomfortable. Of course, that’s not to say that I’m any more comfortable now, but at least my body is back to its almost original size and I don’t have an enormous belly to contend with!

So, back to the itching: For those that don’t know, PUPPPS is Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy. Essentially, it’s an annoying skin condition that primarily affects pregnant women and is nothing short of annoying as hell. My dr. attributed the rash to hormones and how my body is trying to deal with the changes. According to what I’ve read and what the dr. said, it’s not harmful to me or the baby, just annoying and painful. As I mentioned, my rash started on my belly and unfortunately, it’s spread like wild fire to my hips, breasts, back side and up and down my arms. As much as I don’t want to, I itch constantly and the rash spreads even further. It feels sort of like poison ivy or the hives, but probably much more intense.

When I showed my dr. what was going on, his eyes lit up and was like, “oh wow, that is bad.” um, ya THINK? The dr. prescribed Clobetasol cream, which so far has been excellent other than the fact that I can only use it twice a day–possibly because of the ingredients and me breastfeeding. But when I went to go get the prescription filled, I couldn’t believe my eyes. They gave me a tiny tube of this cream. I’m talking tiny– like smaller than a travel sized toothpaste. I took it out of the box and mouthed “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Did I say that my rash is ALL OVER. and did I mention that it’s on my back side too. My dr. should’ve prescribed 2 years worth based on the size of my back side alone!!

But seriously, the prescription is working ok. In between the prescription applications, I was advised that I could slather on Benadryl and whatever else that made me comfortable. I bought an anti-itch lotion called Sarna that’s been miraculous because of its cooling effect. I’d give anything to soak in a big tub filled with Benadryl and Sarna. Other than that, warm baths with Aveeno soap and sipping on a cold beer after the baby has gone to bed have comforted me. The dr. said that PUPPPs usually goes away after you deliver. Well, considering I did that almost 2 months ago, he assumes I have a month left of suffering!!! God help me!

Having to deal with all these new transitions, the hormones, the lack of sleep AND a debilitating rash is so overwhelming. I must have hit the pregnancy ailment and complication lottery! Who gets a pregnancy rash almost 2 months LATER. oh, me!! I asked Jeff last night if Crackheads who get pregnant get these pregnancy and post partum ailments too. I mean, they probably don’t, right? Well, Jeff’s answer made me forget about my latest misery and itching for a quick second.
“All our suffering and now your new condition brought us Jack. If we didn’t go through all of this we wouldn’t have this perfect little guy.” I don’t know about perfect 😉 but coming from his mama, he’s pretty damn close.

I gazed at Jack who was peacefully asleep with his disheveled hair, crooked head tilt and half-opened mouth and I smiled. He might keep us up at nights and eat like a Barracuda, but not surprisingly, Jack overshadows all the misery, rashes and itchiness that have come our way.

…Ask me again at 3am when I’m slathering Benadryl in between feeding our constantly hungry child!! 🙂