With us gearing up for our BIG trip back home and stressing out about squeezing as many visits as possible in the matter of 96 hours, I have a new video to share. As many of you know, (aside from my personal ramblings) this site’s main intention is to keep our family and friends in Va. updated on Jack and everything in between. With our careers and dreams leading us to places far away from where we grew up, it’s pretty cool that everyone can delve into our world, even if it’s about nothing significant. So, when I get phone calls from my dad who’s so tickled about the little things that Jack does, it reminds me how meaningful the internet can be, especially when you live 350 miles away from so many of your loved ones. Videos and blogs certainly can’t replace the real live quality time, but it’s better than nothing!

Anyway, here’s a video of Jack staring. Yeah. He’s just staring and swinging. Jeff says he’s staring at “old Mr. Johnson”– a ghost who used to live here. It creeps me out. My mom described the staring in a more pleasant way. Mom says that Jack sees his Guardian Angel. When Jack stares while he’s with mom, she’ll teach him a little prayer about his Guardian Angel. Jack will sometimes babble to himself or to Mr. Johnson for a few minutes at a time. But when he’s staring, he’s all business!

Btw, I couldn’t embed the video (I’m working on that) but you should be able to click on the links below.

Jack staring from jenrab on Vimeo.
Being able to share the silly little things like Jack staring at a wall definitely makes the publicity of my diatribes a little worthwhile. Only a grandparent or cousin who doesn’t get to see us often can truly appreciate the mundane.