Today marks yet another milestone of sorts. Jack is 6 weeks old (!) and is getting bigger by the second. They say that things get easier after 6 weeks (still not sure exactly who “they” is) but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. People have said the buddha bellyfeeding patterns and sleep cycles become more predictable, which is very promising news to me considering I will begin working from home on Monday. I’m still not too sure how the whole working from home thing will work since I’m on the computer all day and now, I’ll have a big baby glued to me too! I guess I’ll need to broaden my multi-tasking palette and add breastfeeding to the list. I should stop the bitching since I am lucky to have my mom around on the weekdays to help out.

Jeff and I were saying the other day how Jack is quickly starting to look more and more like a little dude, rather than just a little baby. I often forget that he’s technically still a newborn because of how big he is. But alas, his shrilly cries of discontent and the tantrums when I’m not fast enough to feed him remind me that, yep, he is still a baby…just a big heavy one!
Jack is quite the wiggly baby, just like he was in the womb. He wiggles while he sits on your lap, while he swings in his swing and he even wiggles when he’s getting up from a nap. He’s also very fascinated with light fixtures and anything overhead. When you change him and he’s crying, hejack in the gymini‘ll immediately stop because he’ll have his lights to stare at above. Jeff and I joke and say that for Christmas we’re going to buy him some lightbulbs and a ceiling fan since he loves those things so much!

Speaking of toys, even though I joke about instilling the importance of reading, writing and the fine arts at an early age, Jack still has to have toys. One month old babies can only have so many toys to pique their interest, so we thought we’d break out the few toys that we have that are suitable for him right now. We’ve been using his surfboard for frequent tummy time. We have to exercise that neck of his so he can balance that adorable head. haha. Since he likes lights and things overhead, we thought he’d find interest in his Gymini gym mat thingy. We were right! The thing makes noises when he kicks certain spots, as well as plays music upon demand. So, it was no surprise that he started cooing when he heard all those sounds. He wanted to find the sounds, but he just didn’t know how! All in due time.

What a difference 3 weeks makes!!! The left was taken at 3weeks the right was taken this morning at 6 weeks

jack on the surfboard, 3wksJack and his surfboard

Jack’s also become quite the conversationalist. If you talk to him in a normal tone, he will “respond” or look at you as if he knows exactly what you’re saying. He’ll coo and babble, sometimes going on for minutes. He’s smiling socially quite regularly now too. Every time he flashes that gummy, drooly smile, I can’t help but melt! As a matter of fact, just tonight, I was telling Jack that he’s such a pretty baby. He gave me a serious face, as if to say, “um Mommy, boys can’t be pretty. Handsome, but not pretty.”
He’s definitely pretty to me, though 🙂
toy chest from the simmons
The kid isn’t all gummy smiles and happy times, trust me. Today, I had this bright idea to exchange several packs of diapers for size 2s. (Yeah, he’s not even 2 months yet and is in size 2s!) The baby store I chose to go to was about 20 miles away. In this area, 20 miles is like a lifetime away, especially at the bewitching hour of rush hour! And, of course, we got held up in traffic, so we were in bumper to bumper traffic for what felt like a week. We were in the car so long, Jack got hungry. Since I was driving, I obviously couldn’t feed him right away. So, poor Jack screamed at the top of his lungs for a few miles. Bad Mommy! All that just for diapers!!
And, as luck would have it, they didn’t even have the brand I wanted, in the size I needed. Go figure. Note to self, just go into the City, do your shopping and stay out of rush hour traffic when the kid’s in the backseat!

I have my 6-week postpartum check up tomorrow. Again, I cannot believe how fast that went! I do have a weird numbness on my incision, and sometimes it’ll get sore, but otherwise, I think I’ve healed just nicely. Except for this awful pregnancy related rash that is starting to take over my body! We’ll see what the doc has to say tomorrow!
Anyway, I’m very proud of myself (and Jack too!) for making the breastfeeding work well into 6 weeks. I can’t say that life is totally back to “normal” yet, but it’s pretty close to it! At least my definition of normal!