Jack and I enjoyed another first this past Sunday. While daddy had plans for a testosterone-fueled day worshiping at the congregation called the Meadowlands (watching his Redskins defeat the Jets,) Jack and I did our own worshiping and went to mass together for the first time.

Quite honestly, Jack’s first trip to church was a bit overdue. But considering that we’ve had family in town, various plans and needed time to feel better, a month wait wasn’t so bad.

Since it was just me and the boy, I decided to “wear” him in his Baby Bjorn. I sometimes “wear” him in my Hotsling, which is a different kind of carrier that holds him in a totally different way. So, the Bjorn was a first for us. After I got Jack all bundled up, I put him in the Bjorn and made sure he was all secured. Once we were all set, we walked the 6 blocks to church, with Jack’s big ol’ head bobbing the whole way there.

Once we arrived, we found our way to the specifically designated seats in the back for “Parents with Infants.” I scooched into the pew, trying to make as little noise as possible and of course, I dropped a book and made a huge echo. Jack and I sat in the pew, sang a few songs and tried to quietly listen to the priest. Since it was Baptism Sunday, there were more children than usual in the congregation. So, when it was supposed to be quiet while the priest was delivering his homily, you could hear a symphony of crying babies in the background. I was practically beaming because my baby was quietly sitting in my lap staring at the ceiling. (That’s his thing right now. All he does is stare at lights and at the ceiling!) But of course, things were too good to be true!

Not even 5 seconds into the quietest meditation moment, Jack didn’t hold out. Instead of crying, my very loud and theatrical baby proceeds to groan and moan, as if he is in labor with his very own child. Jack is normally a groaner, whether he’s trying to fall asleep, burp or just let you know he’s there. But when he’s groaning at home, it’s kind of funny. When he’s groaning at very loudly in an echoing church, during the quietest time of mass, yeah, that’s totally different!

It turns out, by our matching red faces (mine was out of minor embarrassment) Jack couldn’t hold it and just HAD to go #2 in the middle of church. haha. So, what felt like 2 hours, Jack groaned very loudly until he finished. He got loud enough that I had to stand up and excuse ourselves and go outside! I know he’s a little baby and doesn’t know any better, but yeesh leave it to my kid to not cry at church, but to go poops very loudly!

So, there you have it, Jack had a very memorable first outing to church! Let’s hope our next visit to church isn’t as loud!
jack after church
Look how innocent he looks AFTER church! What a character this kid is!