For many reasons, this past weekend was highly anticipated. While I was still pregnant, I dreamed about the first weekend in November. And of course, once it finally arrived, it was nothing like I had hoped!! go figure 🙂

Another one of our good friends and neighbors got married on Saturday! (Yay! welcome to the old married people’s club.) I was excited to celebrate our friends’ milestone.  Not to mention,I knew this wedding would be one of my first times going out for the whole year, so I set my sights on the debaucherous fun as soon as we got their cute Save the Dates magnets in the mail.

Before he was even born, I tapped one of our friends to be Jack’s first babysitter just for this wedding. I figured, he’d be a month old, no problem. haha. What the hell was I thinking?

Jack is a big baby, so I often forget how “little” he really is! He’s normally calm and content. He’s even mild mannered when it comes to strangers. But when you leave him with strangers at such a young age…now that is a different story!

I dutifully packed a well-stocked diaper bag. Stocked up on his milk. And then we packed the car with various baby seats, bags and contraptions. Our ride over to the friend’s house was pretty easy. Jack slept the whole way but once we parked, his eyes popped open and he knew something was up! As soon as we walked into her house, he started to fuss. So, I took him out of the carseat, and then our friend’s dog started barking. Jack started wailing. So then, it was Jack and the Jack Russell crying and barking in unison. We weren’t even there for 5 minutes and it was total pandemonium.

I showed the friend how I warmed up his milk and made sure to tell her that he loves to eat. And that he’s punctual when it comes to eating. I gave Jack a bottle to calm him down, and hoped he would take a power nap for his babysitter. Even though he was still whimpering, I handed the baby over to her, made sure she had our numbers and we quickly darted out the door.

Us at weddingWe arrived at the reception which overlooked a gorgeous lake with autumn views as the backdrop. We saw a few friends who were part of the bridal party and made our way to the bar. We chatted and caught up with our friends, many of whom asked about the baby…which of course made me wonder if he was screaming his head off. So, on my way to the buffet table, I whipped out my cellphone to call our friend. (just like a worried new mom!)

Now, I wasn’t worried about my friend babysitting, nor was I really worried about Jack. I knew he was in good hands. What I was worried about was how were they doing together. My biggest fear was that she couldn’t “read” his cries and wouldn’t know that he’d need to eat when he started scrunchinglake mohawk and sniffing his nose. When my friend picked up the phone, I calmly asked her if they were ok. She assured me that Jack was no longer crying and that they were both ok.

So, I went on to enjoy my first few cocktails of 2007! We caught up with more friends and had a great time– at least for another hour or so! After cocktail hour, we went to the ballroom, found our table and got comfortable. Just as we started to munch on bread and chat with the other couples at the table, I noticed I had a missed call from the babysitter. Jeff went to call her back, which is when he came back with a very fatherly and worried look. As I sipped my vodka collins, Jeff tells me, Jack hasn’t stopped crying since we left. It’s been 3 hours.

Jeff simply said, “We need to make sure our son is ok. It’s not like him to cry for hours at a time.” I reluctantly put down my drink and quickly morphed back into mommy mode. Jeff and I looked at each other and mouthed, “We should probably go ahead and go.” We hadn’t even eaten dinner yet, much less had a chance to personally greet the bride and groom. It was all about the kid at this point.

We said our premature goodbyes to our friends at the table and put our coats on. We tried to discreetly walk across the dancefloor towards the door, as the best man toasted the new couple. It felt like all eyes were on us, as if we had signs on our backs that read: “WE’RE NEW PARENTS!” It was a long walk to that door.

As soon as we got in the car, (and as luck would have it) our friend texted us to say, “Jack’s totally fine now. He stopped crying as soon as I fed him more. He’s smiling and babbling now. Enjoy yourselves.”

Easier said than done!

Jeff and I looked at each other, smiled, shrugged and said, “Hey we tried!” So, we drove off to go get our boy.

Sure, we could’ve left the baby with her, hoped he wouldn’t have another tantrum and go on to have even more cocktails. But I know there’s NO way we could’ve enjoyed ourselves. I had visions of Jack turning a bright shade of purple every time he cried choking because he’s still congested and wondering why his mom and dad left him.

In the end, as much as we wanted to stay at the wedding and hang out with our friends, Jack is only a month old. He knows mommy, daddy, lola, pee, poop and sleep. Everything else is brand new to him. I know how I get in strange places, I can only imagine how he must’ve felt. I know babies cry, especially in these strange situations. But with him still being a little congested and uneasy, we knew it was best to bow out and head home. Oh the guilt!

It’s safe to say that our life goes beyond good times and cocktails. As hard as it was leaving the wedding so early, we knew that our congested little baby wanted mom and dad more than anything else. And at this point, that’s what’s most important to us!