If I’ve learned anything over the past few months, it’s to expect the unexpected…and to expect for plans to be broken. I had these fantastic plans to go to our town’s Halloween children’s parade. I was all excited to dress our baby up in the costume I bought for him before he was even born and stroll him down the street with all the other kiddies. (I’m pretty ridiculous, I know. Back in August, I was searching for baby costumes and Jeff continually rolled his eyes and forbid me to buy anything unpractical for our unborn child. So when I bought this costume, I made sure to hide it– at least until September.)

Yeah, Jack’s only a month old and I realized that I’m already doing what I know many parents do. I’m dressing him up for my benefit. I’m sure you can interchange the dressing up part for any verb.  Oh well, he’s only a month old. He has a lifetime love and hate me for things like this.

Anyway, I ended up helping some friends all day which nulled my plans of participating in the Halloween parade. I was all disappointed at first, but convinced myself that it’d be just fine if I threw on his costume and took some perfect pictures.

Well, it certainly wasn’t the same. And the pictures aren’t perfect. But he’s adorable either way!

not so bad.

One-eyed baby bearbaby bear

baby bear gone bad.

mad bearstill not happy.ugh

Let’s hope I do a better job next year (and holidays to come for that matter) on doing things for the kid, not for the crazy mom 🙂  By the way, this is visual proof that either my child is not photogenic like me or that he just hates ridiculous costumes and unnecessary picture-taking.

Happy Halloween from the unhappy baby bear!