Exactly one month ago, after several years of trying, many months of anticipation and a grueling delivery to boot, Jackson finally made his arrival. His grand entrance was a memorable one, and one we’re told was rare and should bring us good luck. ha.

It’s been a long but oddly a very short-lived month, one where patience was tested, lessons were learned and of course, many hours of sleep were lost…but still a month of unbridled happiness and immeasurable joy.

Just the other night, while I was enduring yet another one of the 3:00a.m.  breastfeeding sessions, I heard the crazy drunkards hooting and hollering on our street. I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic and remember that WE were 2 of the many crazies (maybe not screaming) but drinking one too many for our own good. And then I looked down, saw our little man smirk back at me, as if to say, “I’m so worth it.”

And then, that nostalgia quickly turned into bitterness because dangit, who goes around yelling at 3am in the morning when people are trying to tend to their children. haha.

But no, really… while I do miss the craziness and spontaneity that we seemed to thrive on, all of that prepared us for what really matters– us. As in, the THREE of us.

Our first month together has been an unforgettable time filled with lots of family, friends, misadventures, pee, poop and barf. All the essentials in life. Every morning when I wake up to Jeff snoozing at my side and Jack, whether he’s groaning or ‘singing,’ my heart melts and I’m reminded how blessed we are.

And so, as we’ve sacrificed temporary things like sleep and late night trips to the bar, and fill our home with dirtied burp cloths and bulky baby paraphernalia, the baby smiles and hey, even baby toots make it oh so worth it.

1st month mosaic

The stats and misc. one month milestones:

  • at one month, Jack is 12.5 lbs and about 23 in.
  • Mom has reluctantly packed away all newborn clothes, most 0-3 clothes.
  • Jack is comfortably wearing 3m clothes.
  • He’s wearing size 1 diapers and about to transition into size 2.
  • Jack has been nursing well for about a month and takes a bottle when we travel or when mom needs a break.
  • Jack has been introduced to almost all of the family and to a few of our friends.
  • His first road trip was to West Chester, PA to visit the Schmidt family.
  • Jack’s first big trip will be to Va. for Thanksgiving, where he’ll meet the rest of the family and friends.
  • Jack has been to NYC a few times–ridden in a cab, ferry, but no bus or train quite yet.
  • Jack and mommy (sadly) spend a lot of time in the laundromat.
  • When he hears daddy’s voice, Jack’s eyeballs light up.
  • Since day 2, Jack has loved to pop his head up on his own. Now, he tries to maintain his posture, which makes him look like a wobbly turtle. (a very cute one)
  • When he’s mad or hungry(or when mom takes too many damn pictures) he turns a vivid shade of angry!
  • Jack has a few distinct coos…all of them sound like birds. His owl coo means mom or dad are doing something right.
  • Jack has started to smile more consistently, especially when he sees the milk machine mama.
  • And even though he’s currently congested and sometimes uncomfortable, Jack is one tough, but easy going baby.

Happy one month, kiddo!