It’s amazing the difference a well rested baby makes! Fortunately, after seeing Jack’s pediatrician last night we got some great advice, thus got much more sleep than the night before.  (and might I add, I love modern technology and the ability and convenience to just point, click and  schedule a last minute dr’s appointment.  I personally remember sitting in the military clinics’ waiting room for what seemed like days, just to see a dr for a silly cough.)

As mentioned yesterday, Jack is pretty congested. jack enjoying the fresh airOur little bruiser sounds more like a baby bird with his screechy voice.  He’s doing much more sqwuaking and cooing than howling today.  We’re not exactly sure why he’s congested, but more than likely it’s a result of his very new immune system, being exposed to various people, germs and irritants. Anyway, the dr. assessed that despite his congestion, Jack looks and seems healthy. He had a slight fever, but nothing extreme. He weighs a solid 12.5 lbs at 4 weeks and is very much a big boy! The dr. didn’t prescribe any cold/congestion medicine, but instead advised us to get a nebulizer and administer a simple saline solution frequently. The nebulizer and saline are intended to aid his congestion and unclog his sinuses, much like a vaporizer would do. After being fussy all day with me, the brisk stroll to the dr’s office seemed to ease the kid. While we were at the dr., Jack hardly made a peep– not even when the dr. took his temperature ‘down there.’

After much brouhaha over the childrens’ cold medicine debacle and recall, I was personally relieved that the dr. didn’t prescribe medication for our month old baby. Though the nebulizer looks and sounds scary, it’s a much moJack napping in the swingre “natural” method of easing his congestion. Not so surprisingly, the loud hum of the nebulizer and the cool vapor it releases, makes Jack happy and actually puts him to sleep. Needless to say, Jack’s enjoying the fresh air. It looks like we not only got a medical device, but also a new white noise machine for the kid.

Like any congested person would do, Jack’s been busy clearing his nose and throat, thanks to the nebulizer. He looks and acts much better today too. Not to mention, before we realized he was sick, Jeff went out and bought Jack a present, in hopes of helping his fussiness. Before Jack was born and when we were trying to finalize baby purchases, we made the executive decision to NOT get a swing, even though every new parent we knew lauded their swing as their best baby purchase. Well, we decided to not get one because they were so bulky and we didn’t have the room in our living room. We thought our baby carrier swing would suit us just fine. We were wrong. So now, Jack is a proud member of the Fisher Price Nature’s Touch Papa San fan club.