Since the weather was so beautiful this weekend, I had the bright idea to jump on the pumpkin patch bandwagon to get some pictures of Jack. It was a nice thought in theory, but alas, our child is only 3 weeks old. Poop, pee and milk are his main interests…not photo ops at a local farm. haha. We never even made it on the hayride out to the actual pumpkin patch because Jack was screaming bloody murder because we disturbed his afternoon nap. So, instead, we plopped him amidst a bunch of pumpkins and had a field day.

Oh well, it was fun and I’m glad we went. Jack’s already forgotten the misery we put him through. Although, he may not forgive me for the socks.

mommy and her pumpkin
mommy and her pumpkin
Jack and me

a pissed off pumpkin
One pissed off pumpkin

the fam
Us among the pumpkins

So not interested
not amused
Still not amused

an unhappy ghost
baby vans
Jack's vans