I just thought I’d drop a quick hello from the trenches of maternity leave and in between the chaos and newness of motherhood.

it's my favoriteThis week, my mom came down again from Va. to help me out while I finish recovering and get adjusted to being a new mom. I have to say, on the days that she’s not here, things get pretty difficult especially since I’m still a bit sore. In addition to being a slave to the baby’s feeding schedule, just finding time to juggle things around the house became so much more of a challenge. I’ve always respected Stay at Home moms but I can’t even begin to verbalize how much more I respect I have now.

Now, when mom’s here, don’t get me wrong– things are far from simple. Combine the cultural clash with the generation gap, mix in a bit of conservative vs. liberal thing and add a dash helicopter vs. whatever the opposite of that and you have my mom and me. Now put us in a 1br city apartment for a few days. One can only imagine how colorful things get.
Having my mom around is so awesome, but being with her 24/7 after being on my own for so long, gets to be so daunting, not to mention challenging in terms of opposite perspectives of parenting. At the end of the day however, I’m so completely grateful for having her here so often… Not many people would make such a sacrifice.stuck in traffic

To end the week on an interesting note, Jack and I drove into the City to visit my office. Since I’m still on that 2hr interval, I have to time things correctly and add a little time for the awful NYC traffic. The trip in wasn’t so bad! We were lucky enough to even find parking across the street from my office! It was so wonderful seeing all of my coworkers again, even though thJack and Esthere thought of physically returning to work soon makes me so sad. Being there with the little man and my “2nd family” made me realize the important role that all of them played in my pregnancy and life, for that matter. He was such a gracious visitor, aside from his bottom rumblings when the big boss was holding him. OOPS. It was great showing off my biggest project yet.

Speaking of projects, Jack is doing well. Just as we’re settling in and getting adjusted, the bills and insurance papers are starting to roll in… they really mean business I guess! Also, Jack just got his first offinew readercial piece of mail– his social security card! It was fun to see his full name in print.

There’s not much new to report about him, other than the fact that he’s seriously growing and growing right before our eyes. He continues to eat voraciously which gets to be exhausting since I’m the only one who can feed him at this point. In a few weeks once I start working from home, Jack will be introduced to the bottle.

We don’t have much planned over the next weekend, just enjoying the nice weather and attempting to go out to eat on Saturday or Sunday! woo! That’s about it.