Today we had another well baby visit with the pediatrician. We had to go and get a check up and make sure his development is going well. Just as I’d mentioned before, Jack is doing much better than we ever imagined, specifically in the growth department! He’s literally off the charts.

At almost 3 weeks, Jack is already weighing 11.5 lbs. That’s a LOT of baby– almost 3 lbs more than what he weighed when we left the hospital. Needless to say, he’s a healthy boy and breastfeeding is well-established. The dr. showed me the charts and the baby’s weight progression and said that he was well over the highest percentiles. In fact, we have officially retired almost everything in the newborn range. Jack’s already in size 1 diapers and he’s comfortably wearing 3 month-old sized clothes. Again, he’s not even 3 weeks old. (It’s a good thing mommy anticipated his size and shopped enough for clothes otherwise we’d have one big naked baby!)

The dr. confirmed that Jack is looking healthy and doing well so far. He was pleased to know that we’ve got the breastfeeding pattern well established. They say that you can’t overfeed a newborn with breastmilk, but I have to wonder– could we be an exception to this rule? just kidding.

I’m over the moon that Jack is such a healthy and happy baby. It’s all I could’ve ever asked for!

Lately, he’s had longer awake hours. So, I took advantage and took some shots of his many faces.

Jackthirdweek 055poutsenough!Jackboringexcited

Aside from his crazy growth, things around the house are going well. Of course things are hectic and we’ll never have enough sleep or time in the day, but things are really great, now that recovery is much better. Now that I’m feeling better, strollingwe’ve made it out of the house a few times to run boring errands. Pushing the stroller in the gorgeous early fall weather has been a treat and Jack seems to enjoy being outside in the fresh air (well as fresh as it can be in the city.)
Having my mom around during the week has been amazing. That extra set of hands to go up and down the stairs, lug all his stuff and walk to the dr or grocery store definitely makes a difference. Besides, seeing Lola and Jack bond so intimately melts my heart. I hope and wish Jack and Lola (and all his grandparents) are just as close as my brothers and I were with our grandma!

Jack’s personality is already starting to shine. He already exudes so much charm and theatridiscovering the mobilecs for being so little. He makes us laugh when it’s time to burp– he grunts and groans, I’m assuming to get the full effect. He insists on wobbling his head on his own, so we have to take extra care to watch him to make sure he doesn’t inflict whiplash on himself. He seems to be pretty strong for being so little. He kicks and flails like he’s getting ready to acrobatics or something. He’s discovering things that are overhead right now, including his mobile, the ceiling fan and the lightshow from his nightlight. He coos at things, as if he knows what we’re saying to him. And even crazier, I am starting to see the change in his face from day-to-day.

They say these times just fly by, and boy, they weren’t kidding!