Before I post the continuation to my birth story, I promised a certain 10-year old an update on his baby cousin (Hi Michael!) I couldn’t think of a better reason to list the baby’s most recent developments.

Jack’s physical development has been really fun to watch.  Even though I’ve always been around babies, I don’t ever remember those smaller babies doing the same things as soon.  Then again, those newborns were usually in the 6-lb. range.  My family never had babies any larger than 7-lbs.  And so, even though larger babies are the norm nowadays, Jack butterballs are definitely not common on my side of the family!

When our friJacksonFosterfirstweek 046ends/neighbors came to visit us the 2nd day we were home from the hospital, our friend Lisa was holding Jack on her shoulder. And like Jack was checking her out, he raised his little head from her shoulder, to look her in the eyes.

We thought that was a one time thing, but the little guy does that to almost everyone that holds him now, especially the people whose voices he doesn’t recognize. It’s like, even though he’s only 2 weeks old, he’s very inquisitive and needs to know what’s going on…not to mention the impressive neck muscles already.

So, not only is he super-inquisitive, but Jack is also a very food-minded baby. (He takes after BOTH of his parents here!) He’s also very punctual with his feedings. Even though he’ll be in a deep sleep, he’ll start to fidget or get restless 30 minutes before the clock strikes feeding time. He’s always on time, even when I forget that it’s been 2 hours since his last feeding.

The actual feeding time is always a riot for us. Not only is Jack VERY punctual, but he’s also very predictable and rough! He seems to like his strict routine, so when we go off course, he’s quite vocal about it. When it’s time to feed, and we lean him into position to eat (he nurses) he closes his eyes tightly, shakes his head side to side very dramatically, turns an almost fiery shade of red, then snorts and grunts. I’m not sure if it’s excitement or his way of revving up to eat. haha. And yes, this happens every 2 hours. So, every 2 hours, my baby gestures with so much desperation when it’s feeding time, I’m afraid that if I feed in public people will think I never feed my child. haha. just kidding.

Jack is such a demanding eater that sometimes he can’t wait the full 2 hours before his next feeding. So when he gets super feisty, we give him a pacifier to soothe him. Not so surprisingly, he’ll grunt and snort for the pacifier as well!

When we had his first pediatrician appointment last week, Jack hadn’t lost any weight. The dr. told us that most babies tend to lose weight after they leave the hospital. Then there’s babies like Jack whose weight remains the same. Our dr. confirmed that Jack is a healthy guy, so much so, we were told that we should regulate his feedings. Translation: Do not overfeed your overcooked baby! From our scale here at home, we weighed Jack and he’s already at 10.5lbs at 2 weeks. That’s a bag of potatoes!

To go along with his constant feedings, one can only imagine what changing time must look likedaddy and jack. First of all, Jack recently graduated from the newborn diapers to Size 1 diapers. For the non-parent contingent, that means Jack is no longer wearing the tiny diapers. Even while he was in the hospital, he was busting out of the newborn diapers, so they put him in size 1. We had 2-3 packages of the newborn diapers that we received as gifts, so we used the newborn size until we used them up.

But anyway, on average, we change diapers between 8-12 times a day. Not only do we change his diapers that often, but it seems like we change his outfits that much too!!! Jack is a an eating, peeing and pooping machine!! Almost every time daddy change him at night, Jack morphs into sprinkler mode. Even when Jeff anticipates the pee, the minute daddy lets down his guard, the sprinkler goes off. Even worse, if Jack farts, um… sometimes things go from bad to worse. Jeff has suggested that from now on, we just feed, change and let Jack sleep in the tub. hahaha. Mommy quickly vetoed that suggestion.

When Jack isn’t pooping on daddy or grunting at mommy, his next favorite activities are burping loudly or groaning IN order TO burp. When he eats so much, so fast, he tends to get bad gas. So, like all babies, Jack has to be burped after his feedings. After mommy feeds him, lola or daddy get the privilege of burping him. As soon as you move his body after a feeding, he’s usually limp from overeating and exhaustion, so all he can do is groan from the gas and contentment.

So, here you have it– when he isn’t pooping on his dad, snorting when it’s time to eat, my 10-lb. butterball baby often goes into a milk coma and then groans with contentment.

Yes, my child has the grace of a sumo wrestler. The most adorable sumo wrestler you’d ever seen 😉
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