Question: What does our handsome baby have in common with the very handsome George Clooney?

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Answer: A week before Jack was born, Mr. George Clooney got into a much-publicized motorcycle wreck in Weehawken, NJ, the neighboring town. The accident, in turn, brought Mr. Clooney to the very wonderful hospital, Palisades Medical Center, which just so happened to be the very same hospital where Mr. Jack was born. funny, huh?

I kept telling Jeff how that tidbit would be a fun “news item” to include in Jack’s baby book. But Jeff was like, you should write about it in your blog!!

The main reason why I didn’t write about it a few weeks ago was because Jack wasn’t born yet when George Clooney crashed. Name-dropping the hospital wouldn’t be too kosher, especially in this scary world we live in these days.

But now, it’s so funny that George Clooney is back in the news. In case you don’t keep up with celebrity news, it’s been reported that several workers from our hospital are under fire for leaking confidential information about George Clooney’s condition during his stay. While I can completely understand that patient confidentiality was breeched in this circumstance, I was sort of shocked that this “news” made the headlines on the national news. Again, what more funny tidbits to include in Jack’s baby book!

Speaking from personal experience, I wanted to say that despite the various employees who acted very unprofessionally when dealing with Clooney as a patient, Jack and I, had the most stellar experience as patients..especially in our emergency situation towards the end. During our 4-day stay, we were treated with the most attentive care, not only by the l&d department, but also by the postpartum staff– at all hours of the night. I couldn’t have been treated at a more meticulous and compassionate hospital! Despite the negative light that may be cast on the handful of workers in a totally different department, I’m so happy to say that Palisades is where we delivered our first born!