Happy one week birthday to baby Jack! October 4 at 10:34pm marked the first week of the birth of our sweet and (not so) little Jack. It’s so cliche to say, but still so true: it’s hard to believe how much has changed in just one week!!

For starters, Jeff and I reaffirmed just how strong we are as a couple, not to mention as individuals. Jack’s birth, the instant decisions we were faced with, as well as the painful road to GET pregnant, joyous road to BE pregnant, the heightening road of labor and the most rewarding road of delivery all led to our little man. While the paths may have been twisted, detoured and completely wrong at times, I can look back and say that we wouldn’t change a thing.

As Jeff and I said to each other shortly after meeting Jack for the first time, if things weren’t difficult or if things just fell into place, it wouldn’t seem right. It wouldn’t be “jen and jeff enough” if it didn’t happen without struggle.

And so, that’s where I’ll begin. I took this past week off from the internet , not only to recover physically, but also to bond with my little family. The detachment from the world has been hard, but so worth the refocused energy and the newness of everything.

A lot has happened in the first week, so I’ll recount things chronologically. (mainly for myself and for the few that have been asking!)

Induction day–September 26, 2007

Last week when I was very pregnant, I had 2 things on my mind: having a healthy baby boy and then having a nice cold beer. haha. just kidding. well, sorta. No really, I was looking forward to meeting Jack and then having our “happily ever after.” I just couldn’t comprehend why I was still pregnant and why I wouldn’t just go on my own. So, when the dr. suggested an elective induction, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. Jeff, the more conservative one, weighed the dangers and outcome of this elective procedure.  He was afraid that it would end in a C-section.  To be honest, so was I. He didn’t want me to go through with an elective induction, just because I was “done” being pregnant. In reality, he was right. But at the same time, my instincts told me to just do with the induction NOW.

I have to say, it’s one of the best decisions I made throughout my pregnancy. Sure, inductions are far from natural. In fact, a lot of the drugs they use to ripen the cervix and in turn induce labor, aren’t meant for obstetrics. My OB even confirmed that– when I was all strapped up to the IVs and in my pretty hospital gown, no less. It’s a scary thought to consider and think that labor-inducing drugs can lead to uterine ruptures and even maternal death. But after speaking to my OB quite candidly about my fears about the specific drug he prescribed to ripen my cervix, I let faith and trust lead the way.

So, starting at 8 pm last Wednesday, I had to drink this one tiny little pill called Cytotec every four hours. It was meant to ripen my cervix and “open the door” to contraction-producing labor, if you will. I took the pill, and then watched the contractions begin to appear on the monitor next to me. I had a maternal monitor and a fetal monitor hooked up to my belly to monitor the whole induction process. Every 4 hours, I took the magic pill and waited…uncomfortably. It was one of those never-ending nights where I didn’t get a wink of sleep, even though Jeff was right by my side in the hospital chair/bed snoring away.

By 6am, my OB walked in, all dressed in his scrubs to check on me. He gave me a tentative schedule on how things “should” look. He told me that since he had 3 surgeries scheduled in Hoboken that morning, that the other OB (who is also my gyn) would be coming by between noon and 2pm to break my water, and by then, he would have me start the Pitocin. NICE. He made it sound like I would be waiting for the cable guy to come and hook up the Silver Package.

Just as he wished, the other dr. came to break my water. That procedure was nothing short of painful and dreadful.  It’s no wonder why my body didn’t do it on its own. From that point on, I think every L&D nurse had to come by every 30 minutes to “check my progress.” By the end of the day, it seemed like the entire staff was up my gown to do some sort of checking! All the L&D nurses, btw, were nothing short of fantastic. All of them, in their own way, made me feel like a million bucks (all things considered, of course!)

Shortly after my water was broken, the contractions started to come effortlessly. And then, so did the Devil Drug, as it was inserted in my IV at 1:30. I wanted to wait as long as possible until getting the epidural– for what, I have no idea. I ended up getting it at 1:5o. Pitocin, when it’s up THAT high, is a very intense drug. While my labor was never ending and totally drawn out, I must say that the epidural made it tolerable.

Oh the epidural… haha. that deserves a post of its own!!

ok, the babe is calling, but I’ll end this part with 2 pix that were taken yesterday and the day before. After all is said and done, HE, well now THEY make it so worth it! I’ll be back with more!
Jack and mom

Jack's first week 108