Jeff’s been snoring now for several hours as I sit here in agony riddled with anxiety and recurrent cramps, or is it contractions? We anticipate that this was our last weekend as just a couple– all depending on what the dr. says tomorrow at my appointment. We spent the weekend from start to finish doing last minute baby stuff and notating all of our “lasts.”

On early Friday afternoon, there was a loud thump on our door. When I went to go check, it was Jeff with his arms full of big boxes. I realized he went to the baby store to pick up several of our last minute items that we wanted to return/exchange or get a different model. It was like Christmas for my husband. As soon as he got settled, he was unpacking boxes, reading instructions and assembling away. We capped our evening off by watching a gripping baby/parenting DVD and looked at each other and chuckled: “who would’ve thought 5 years ago that we’d be sitting here on a Friday night watching a baby DVD?!”

Saturday encompassed pretty much the same sort of things. We got up early, drove into the city to pick up our stroller. Initially, we planned on waiting to get our stroller b/c of the space/storage issue. But we decided that we wanted to go ahead and get it. We ran more errands and did more shopping and such. Every time we did something so menial, we’d look at each other and go, “This will probably be our last time in a mall eating Chic Fil-A, just the two of us.” We’re so corny like that.

Sunday began on a rough note for me. I woke up at 5am with a lot of pain and discomfort, enough to keep me up for a few hours. After the pain subsided, I got 2 more hours of sleep and woke up for breakfast. Throughout the morning, I had more cramps and possible contractions, but nothing regular. I went about my day and picked up groceries, bought more baby clothes (to pacify my impatience) and a few more household essentials, anticipating that this would be my last free weekend on my own. Jeff spent the day watching the Mets and his Skins while practicing the stroller. (How cute is he?) All in all, since I was so limited in speed b/c of my pain and size, my shopping schedule was off, so I had to deal with all the nutbags that were out in the stores on a Sunday afternoon. I even got a very distasteful, but harmless comment from a sales clerk in Bed Bath and Beyond who gawked at my belly and shrieked, “Ohmigah. WHEN are you due? You MUST be uncomfortable.” Exhibit A for peanut gallery. Need I say more?

I made it home in one piece, albeit the irregular discomfort. I’m hoping this nagging feeling and pain is an indicator of something. Although, I’m definitely not getting my hopes up.

At about midnight tonight, we ended our last weekend as a couple on a sweet note. Even though Jeff was fast asleep, I heard an unfamiliar ringer coming from his phone. It was this lullaby-sounding song, one that I’d never heard before. I checked his screen to see what it was, and saw that it was his countdown to Baby B. Apparently, his countdown was over and it was reminding him promptly at midnight. Way back when the dr. gave us one of our due dates, Jeff punched it into his cellphone. Every so often, as a reminder, he’d flip up his phone and show me how many days left til Baby B. Even though he missed his countdown clock going off tonight, it was a heartfelt reminder of the big things to come. Instead of counting down and noting the “lasts”, pretty soon we’ll be counting all the firsts– just the 3 of us.