Well, we’ve got a week left, folks…that is, a week until the beginning of a whole new chapter. If things go the way the dr. says, we’ll hopefully be with child, this time next week. yay! I’ve been having irregular contractions– nothing crazy. Other than that, I’m still very pregnant and enjoying frequent daily naps.

At my Va. baby shower in July, I remember asking my mom’s friend about her daughter who was about to have her baby any day. My mom’s friend in the most eloquent way possible, smiled at me and said, “well, how do you say… ah, BITCHY?”

I cracked up. But I now know what she meant. As wonderful as it is, everyone’s still an expert on my pregnancy. As bored as I’ve been at home, I must say, it’s a good thing I took off when I did. I can’t even begin to imagine how I’d function at work, nevermind the endless peanut gallery comments from strangers on the streets and trains.

Anyway, I’m still cranky and exhausted but have been trying to stay busy with tying up loose ends with work. Tomorrow’s my ‘last’ day of work for a few months. It’ll be a nice break to say the least.


Since everything around us delivers, including the grocery store to the liquor store, I wasn’t going to cook meals in advance and freeze them. My mom insisted she’d take care of stuff like that when she arrived. Since I’m by myself from 7am-7pm every day, I’ve had all this time to cook. It’s really no wonder why I keep gaining weight. I cook as if I’m preparing for Armageddon. But hey, it makes me feel better to channel the boredom and frustration this way.

Earlier in the week, Jeff and I went to the Farmer’s Market and loaded up on some organic veggies including, Jersey tomatoes (yum), zucchini, onions, cilantro, serrano peppers and some other stuff. So over the past few days, I felt inclined to cook a lot. I’ve made homemade applesauce to go with pork chops. I don’t like applesauce btw, but Jeff loves it. I also made some spicy homemade salsa, hoping it would make me go into labor. (this salsa reminds me of my good friend Mary!) And today I was craving lasagna so I made 2 pans of it– one to eat for lunch/dinner and one to freeze for Jeff and whomever else needs to be fed while I can’t cook.
nestingfood 001Homemade salsanestingfood 003nestingfood 004

Ah, the novelty of having all this time and solitude won’t last long at all, this I know. I guess I better enjoy it while I can! Next week should be an interesting week.