Ok, so he’s not officially late…yet. But like most women who have been pregnant and had all the signs pointing to earlier delivery, I can’t believe I’m probably going all the way to the brutal end. My God, it’s not a bad thing by any means. It’s true, only about 5% of women deliver on their due date and most babies are born between 38 and 42 weeks. Understandably, I’m just ready to be a mom. Screw the stats: it’s been a long and windy road– did he get lost on the way? haha.

We’ve determined that this kid is stubborn like his father and demands a grand entrance like his mother.

We just got back from another lovely dr’s appointment. Everything looks good. Baby’s heartbeat measured at 147 bpm. My uterus finally stopped growing, which is a good sign. But much to my dismay, I haven’t made any progress since last week. While I’m almost fully effaced, I’m not dilated much more. And in the dr’s words, “he’s still pretty far up there.” Even though the show was a very good sign for things to come naturally, he has officially been served his eviction notice. If baby doesn’t come on his own by early next week, my induction will be scheduled for Wednesday 9/26 or Thursday 9/27. If we wanted to wait an extra week, the dr. said he’d “allow” me to go an extra week. The thought of delivering in October makes me cringe.

While I love the the influx of calls, it seems like more often than not, I hear horror stories about being overdue or 3-day labor stories. So to avoid any further frustration, I decided to check email a lot less and turn the ringer off of my phone. Now Jeff’s phone rings off the hook. haha.

As difficult as it is to not feel so exhausted and defeated about the lack of progress, the excitement of bringing home our gorgeous baby outweighs all of those other feelings. When I first got home from the appointment, I moped. And then, I checked out all of his baby gear, just waiting in the wings for our little dude. I thought, what’s the sense of feeling disheartened when truly, I am so blessed to have made it this far and only have a week (or less) to go.

Eviction notice has been served, the holding pattern’s almost through and we’ve been ready for weeks. There’s not much else to do but wait patiently. and go get a manicure and pedicure.

and here I am at 39 weeks in all of my round glory.
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