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My girlfriend asked me the other day what it felt like to be a “lady of leisure” now that I’m on maternity leave. I laughed at her and reminded her that I was still working, although in my pjs.

Well today, I actually had the chance to go out to lunch with a girlfriend and her baby, Braedan. We walked a few blocks downtown and had a nice lunch out on the patio people-watched, talked about my impending labor and her experience with childbirth. It was a gorgeous afternoon well spent. While we sat outside, we noticed all the overpriced strollers, the many nannies and even a few stay at home mommies. It was interesting to observe what our town looks like during the day while everyone else is out doing the rat race.

I have to admit though, while I had fun relaxing, having lunch and spending time with my friend (and Baby B’s soon to be friend), I thought to myself how everyone is destined to do something different– whether that means having a career, staying home full time or doing a little bit of both.

Nevertheless, I had so much fun with my visitors today. It was a nice break to have adult conversation again during the day! We took a few pix of the baby and my giant belly {which looks as though I ate baby for lunch 🙂 }