If we were to go by my first official due date, tomorrow I’d be 40 weeks.  But, since we’re not going by that due date, I’ve got a little more than a week to go.  I’m still uncomfortable, but staying busy with work.  Since I’ve been home all week, I feel like I have even less time to do everything I need to during the day.  strange.  Working at home is nice when I need to take a break for “lunch.”  I can hop in our comfy bed and take a cat nap and set my alarm for an hour.  It’s still lonely though.
Jeff has been working extra hard to make sure everything’s just right for his little buddy’s arrival, including trying to move a pair of couches up our awkward stairs, only to find out the long couch wouldn’t fit.  Since I’m still on the computer all day, he likes to check on me hourly, if not more.  We’ve discussed this before, but he’s so OCD and anxious, he seems to be running himself ragged.  Poor guy.  And so, since he’s so tired, he’s been snoring EVEN louder, making it even harder for me to sleep.  😦

We’re in the midst of trying to find that balance that works for us.  Since it’s been just us for so long, I think we’re overcompensating for this new transition.  It’s not a bad thing by any means; we’re just super excited.  We’ll get it right… or at least find what works.

I just wanted to thank all of you who have been texting, calling, emailing, IMing and messaging me over the past few days.   I apologize if I don’t get back to you right away, but just know I appreciate all of your thoughts, encouragement and advice!