I made it!

I made it through an entire sweltering summer, enduring full term pregnancy and commuting to nyc every day. As if you didn’t already know from my constant complaining, but it was brutal to say the least. But I did it. Oh, the simple victories in life 🙂

Once baby B. is old enough, I can tell him my trials and tribulations of “when I was pregnant with you, I had to walk a mile in the rain and summer heat, 9 months pregnant, stand on the train, just to get to work.” Hey, my dad tells us stories about how they never had running water back home and how they used to have to bring their own chairs to school because their school was too poor to provide seating for the children.

I guess the idea of “struggling” is a subjective term when all is considered. But dammit, I struggled, I survived and I feel accomplished for enduring my commute up until 38 weeks.
Actually, I almost cracked yesterday. I was in my suit since I had to conduct an interview and of course, it was hot and humid. The seats on the train were filled with well dressed men, mostly in their 30s and 40s. There was one younger girl sitting down; she was probably a student. When I boarded the train, I found a vacant spot big enough for my belly to fit. I stood right by the doors, so stragglers were aggressively pushing their way to get in before the doors closed in their face. Annoyed, uncomfortable, hot and guarding my belly from bags, all I could do was roll my eyes, read my paper and suffer.

When I looked up, the girl who was sitting down, motioned to me and asked if I wanted to sit. She was so sweet. I noticed that almost all the men sitting down were watching our exchange, and so I got pissed– not at the girl, but at the principle. I declined the seat and thanked the girl, but in the most sanctimonious and bitchy way, I punctuated our conversation with, “Thanks for offering, I’m good. I stand EVERY DAY anyway.”

Chivalry isn’t always dead, but it was yesterday. I know my bitchy comments wouldn’t get me anywhere.  I was completely fine to stand, but it surely validated my frustration and hopefully humiliated those schmucks who are too selfish to offer seats to pregnant women. Maybe they’ll reconsider the next time they see a very pregnant lady on the train.

I’m looking forward to isolating my bitchiness at home for the next few days/weeks waiting for the kid to arrive. I’m hoping to channel my anxiety and frustration on a few creative projects that I have lined up– in between the naps.