I’m so excited!  My pregnancy buddy and very good friend had her little boy this morning!  My friend, Brett and I were a week apart and for the past month, she was convinced that I’d go before her.  I knew I wouldn’t!  Over the past 9 months, we’ve candidly shared our excitement and opines about our pregnancies and daydreamed together about our little boys.  Since this is Brett’s 2nd baby, she’s been my reference guide about anything pregnancy.  IM and email is such a beautiful thing!

Brett had her c-section scheduled for next week, about a week shy of her due date.  So, when she called me on my cell this morning, I was caught off guard.  I was in the middle of editing some work, so I thought she found something on sale that she wanted to tell me about.  haha.  Not so much.

In the most innocent but excited tone, she told me, “Jenny, I had a baby this morning!”  I practically squealed out of excitement!  What a wonderful surprise!  I couldn’t be happier for my friend and her growing family!  Congrats Bretty, Joe and big sister Molly.  Welcome to the world, Jack!

I guess it’s inevitable… I’m next (whenever that might be!)  😉