On the way home from a BBQ a few weeks ago, Jeff was in control of the radio since I was the designated driver. A popular but overplayed ballad came on the radio and Jeff got so excited.
“ooh I love this song. It’s my guilty pleasure!” he said.

I rolled my eyes and giggled because I thought it was such a cheesy song that gets played way too much. I smiled anyway because I thought it was the beer talking.

“Really, it’s definitely my guilty pleasure” he insisted. “You know why? Because it reminds me so much of you.”

I was intrigued. How so?

And then he started to serenade me as we drove toward the gleaming skyline.

Hey there Delilah,
Whats it like in New York City?
Im a thousand mile away,
But girl tonight you look so pretty,
Yes you do,
Time Square cant shine as bright as you,
I swear its true.
Hey there Delilah,
Dont you worry about the distance,
Im right there if you get lonely,
Give this song another listen,
Close your eyes,
Listen to my voice its my disguise,
Im by your side.
Oh its what you do to me,
Oh its what you do to me,
Oh its what you do to me,
Oh its what you do to me,
What you do to me.
Hey there Delilah,
I know times are getting hard,
But just believe me girl some day,
I’ll pay the bills with this guitar,
We’ll have it good,
We’ll have the life we knew we would,
My word is good.
Hey there Delilah,
Ive got so much left to say,
If every simple song I wrote to you,
Would take your breath away,
Id write it all,
Even more in love with me youd fall,
Wed have it all.
Oh its what you do to me,
Oh its what you do to me,
Oh its what you do to me,
Oh its what you do to me.
A thousand miles seems pretty far,
But theyve got planes and trains and cars,
Id walk to you if I had no other way,
Our friends would all make fun of us,
And we’ll just laugh along because,
We know that none of them have felt this way,
Delilah I can promise you,
That by the time that we get through,
The world will never ever be the same,
And youre to blame.
Hey there Delilah you be good,
And dont you miss me,
Two more years and youll be done with school,
And I’ll be making history,
Like I do,
Youll know it’s all because of you,
We can do whatever we want to,
Hey there Delilah here’s to you,
This ones for you.
Oh its what you do to me,
Oh its what you do to me,
Oh its what you do to me,
Oh its what you do to me,
What you do to me.

“You see? ‘It’s what YOU do to me.’ It’s what you do to me!” Jeff tried to explain.
“I don’t get it? I thought the guy is saying that she drove him crazy.” I said.
“Well, no, he’s saying that she moves him and makes things make sense. ‘It’s what YOU do to me!’ and that’s exactly how you make me feel,” he confided.

And like he often does, he made my heart melt and jumpstarted the ‘I’m so damn lucky tears’– all because of this cheesy, but heartfelt song.

For those that don’t know this song, the guy didn’t win the girl, but did write a heartfelt song that the whole world gets to hear over and over.

In our love ballad, the guy did get the girl, and many years later the story is still underway.

I’m sharing this sweet little anecdote about my adorable husband, not because I like to embarrass him, but because I think everyone should know just how wonderful he is. He says and does things like this all the time, and means it. Throughout these 9 beautiful, but trying months, he’s reminded me how beautiful I am, even though I might have had unintentional dreadlocks and breathed fire out of frustration. Like he always has, he’s supported me, uplifted me and believed in me. He hasn’t skipped a beat throughout the duration of my pregnancy.

We fight over things like having 3 bottles of open soy sauce in the cupboard and needing a superfluous amount of cheese; we’re so far from perfect, but that’s the beauty of us. If it’s possible, our love and deep friendship only gets stronger with every passing day and with every new hurdle that comes our way.

It was four years ago today, in front of everyone we love, we solidified our love and began this new journey. With our little dude’s impending arrival, my heart melts at the thought of falling in love over and over, not just with my husband, but with the little person that’s a product of us.

Happy Anniversary, babe! It’s what you do to me.