As much as I hate to see summer come and go, this year I couldn’t be happier to say goodbye to the heat and humidity. Back home, one of the best things about Labor Day was seeing the tourists finally go home. Up here, all the shore kids come back. Parking (and the neighborhood) was nice while it lasted!

The weather was picture perfect for the long weekend, but I can’t say that we enjoyed it too much. On Saturday, I was in so much pain and discomfort, I napped intermittently. I think Jeff had his own sympathy pains and napped alongside on the couch. Sunday was a more productive day, however. We got up early and started to do all thing things we said we would, including shampooing the carpet, more cleaning, rearranging furniture and finishing up the baby’s room. Jeff did all the laboring and dirty work, so of course things turned out beautifully. The carpets are all clean and ready for baby to dirty it up all over. Also, in preparation for some new couches next weekend, we rearranged the placement of our entertainment center and the existing couch.

And finally, the most of my laboring had to do with the baby’s room. I’m a very picky person, but I know what I like. So, like our wedding and anything very personal, and due to the fact that I couldn’t find anything I liked that would work with our space and budget, I did what any crafty and resourceful person does– I opted to DIY.

more nursery

The crib obviously was the starting point. I searched high and low for bedding that was cool, modern and not too babyish. nada. What I did find was a lot of contemporary bedding that would work with our round bassinet then the oval crib, but with Jeff’s background in textiles and the retail industry, I just could NOT bring myself to buy products that were marked up 400% or whatever! (I’ve become a bedding snob. haha.)

My style is somewhere in between Anthropologie and Pottery Barn, but my budget is very much like Target. I went to Ebay and searched for some new Stokke sheets, but didn’t find too many but, I did find some brand new Pottery Barn Kids fitted crib sheets. The brand new sheets I bought were designed for a conventional crib, so I thought, how hard would it be to alter it? With a bit of tweaking and securing, the sheets worked out. I even bought several yards of t-shirt jersey material to make several extras sets of fitted sheets. I figure I could do that when I start my leave next week.

cribTo save money, I thought I would bypass crib bumpers all together for the bassinet. In a few months once he’s ready for the actual crib, I thought we could do bumpers. Afterall, if you haven’t heard, crib bumpers are a serious no-no for many. There’s a school of thought that links the crib bumpers to SIDS. After my friend forwarded a voluntary recall on an earlier model of our crib mattress, I felt the need to incorporate crib bumpers too. The recall doesn’t affect our crib, but I still felt the need to add some bumpers. So, not willing to shell out $200 for 2 yards of fluffy fabric, I made them myself. I love the way they turned out, but I’m still not sure if we’ll use them every day or at all…

Baby’s nursery doesn’t really have a theme, but if he were to have one, it’d be an eclectic mix of beachy fun– pretty much all the things mom and dad like from their own childhood. On a shopping trip to Home Goods earlier on in my pregnancy, I fell in love with a quilt set intended for a big boy bed. It had surfboards and an eclectic mix of contemporary patterns. I picked up Quilt and crib4 shams and the full-sized quilt, figuring we could do something with it later on. When I brought it home and showed Jeff, he immediately fell in love with it too and deemed it his baby quilt. All those sets in the baby stores are just scaled down/overpriced versions of the real thing. Besides, babies don’t actually use the quilts in their cribs anyway. So, this quilt will probably be used for miscellaneous things- daddy’s naps in the chair, mommy’s naps on the couch and a catch all for whenever. Anyway, we love this quilt and hope he loves it just as much.

Now, what were we going to do with the walls? We can’t paint since we’re renters. Even message boardthough we didn’t really do a theme, I wanted to bring out the fun patterns from the quilt. So, after visiting a great fabric store in the City, I found a few fabrics that would complement the quilt well. So, I made a simplified and quilted message board where I plan to hang pictures of loved artworkones to help baby identify the lineup of characters. For the other wall, I opted to go with a print. I found a fun beachy but pop art looking print on Etsy and blew it up. I bought a bunch of frames to slice up the blown up print, just to do something different. It definitely adds a nice pop of color.

We’re still not finished, but considering I haven’t felt much progression physically, I think I have plenty of time to finish before he arrives. As soon as we finish, I’ll be sure to share. But for now, Jeff will continue to press play on his little mobile every time he passes the crib, and I’ll continue to envision baby trying it all out.