I had another dr’s appointment yesterday.  If anything, it seemed like another routine appointment, rather than a full-term check up.  I seem to be retaining water (or the nightly dose of ice cream is finally catching up with me) so I gained more weight than usual.  Also, the dr brought attention to my slightly swollen ankles. haha. I hadn’t noticed I guess, because I haven’t seen my ankles since last night!  The dr. asked how I was feeling and I just chuckled and told him that everything hurts.  He then told me to expect even more pressure and even more pain in the next few weeks.  lovely!  It’s almost certain that I haven’t progressed much further, and we’re still expecting the baby to arrive around his expected due date of 9/24.  If we say I go early, we know I’ll go way late.  So, we’ll just assume the kid will make his grand entrance in a few weeks, giving me some time to relax on my own before his arrival.
We talked more in detail about the topic of the whole interracial coupling and baby’s size.  Generally speaking, nature intended me to have an Asian and smaller baby.  The dr. soothed our concerns, saying that while it can be an issue and has been in the past, he’s optimistic for us.  I’m going to try and do the same.  At this point, it’d behoove me to be optimistic and trust our wonderful dr.– we know he’s not C-section crazy, he’s not pushing for any unnecessary interventions and he’s always been one to ease our minds.

The reality of temporarily relinquishing my daily routine, which happens to be my first dream job, totally hit me when I gave the nurses my forms for my short term disability.  As much as I’ve been anticipating this “break” from work, I think it’ll be a bittersweet few weeks when I put my desk job on hold.

I definitely can’t wait for my new dream job…as mom.