Hello, 37 weeks.  I’m full term today and couldn’t feel any more pregnant.  Even though I don’t feel any bigger, I’m steadily outgrowing all of my clothes.   It’s pretty comical when I try to get dressed for work in the mornings.  My friends at work are like, “you’re pregnant, who cares!?”  Um. I do.  And so do the people on the streets, apparently.  I often catch stiletto chicks staring at me and then shift their attention to my illfitted shirts, like I’m wildlife just wandering the streets of new york.  It’s the best when they grab their flat bellies in fear. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but really, the stares are too much!  haha.  Oh well, not much longer and then I can wear my illfitted shirts AND shorts while I nap in my chair while I wait for little dude to make his grand entrance.

It’s hard to believe summer is unofficially over!  The train was half empty this morning and the people who were commuting had weekend bags perched at their feet.  (sigh)  If we could have traveled, we would’ve been heading to Va for an old friend’s wedding.  But alas, we’re anticipating big things this weekend too.  Though we might not be tanning at the beach or chugging delicious beer with friends, we’re doing much more glamorous things on our own.  We have a weekend full of rearranging furniture, shampooing carpets, vacuuming floorboards and finally finishing baby’s closet nursery.  Don’t be jealous.

Maybe we should’ve planned a quick weekend getaway or something to celebrate our anniversary?  Because you know, if we HAD planned something, maybe I’d be in labor ON Labor day!  Doubtful.

Other than that, I’m still waiting, wishing and wondering.  I’ve been getting less sleep but more aches and pains.  Baby’s movements are so different now.  I feel that he’s so long that when he kicks, it almost feels like he’s kicking between my boobs and reaching for my throat!  Obviously, I know he’s not, but that’s what it feels like.  Baby likes to get up with me in the mornings and toustles and turns when I moan about getting up.  As usual, he responds to Jeff’s voice regularly, and still gets startled when I yell or laugh at Jeff.  He knows mom’s bitching very well.  I still feel his butt right under my ribs and he gets pretty annoyed if I try adjusting him to relieve my discomfort.

We’re ready whenever you are, kid!

To end on a nostalgic note, I have to sing my praises about myspace and the internets.  It’s clear that I’m obsessed with myspace, email and the internet and use it as a way to communicate with almost all of my friends and family, both local and back home. But, I have to say, it’s so much fun when old friends find me or vice versa!  This week, I got back in touch with 2 of my childhood friends.  One of the girls I went to Kindergarten with and the other was one of my BFFs from around the same time.  Even though I lost touch with these two friends after high school, it’s so awesome to know that they’re both doing well.  I even found out that one of them just moved back to Va from out west and is now expecting twins, just 2 months after me!  Coincidentally, she grew up a street over from me, is also named Jenn, graduated with a similar degree, then went off to pursue a similar career on the west coast and had a penchant for happy hour.  We were so close growing up, it’s no surprise that even 10-15 years of losing touch, we learned that we still led such parallel lives.  I love the internets and myspace too.  🙂

Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and be safe!!