I got a nice call from my little brother yesterday. He started a new semester at school, and so he was checking in and asking my opinion on his latest stint with academia.

Since I’m not around that often, my two brothers, who recently became roommates in a newly purchased condo, love to fill me in about our familial follies. Not-so-surprisingly, mom has been unexpectedly dropping by the boys’ pad to “visit.” Mom went to visit the boys the other day and I guess John didn’t have a chance to wash his pile of dishes yet.

Fittingly, Mom greeted the two bachelors with a barrage of “whose mess is this?” “Why haven’t you done this?” “How are you going to find a wife if you can’t clean your dishes?”

And so John segued into a new topic with, “Jenny, uh, I don’t know if you know this or not…”

Oh boy. I was scared to ask.

“Um, when the baby’s born, mom’s talking about going to New Jersey for a long time… like weeks, maybe months. Did you know that?”


“Yes John. And you know very well that we (Baby, Jeff and I) don’t have a choice in the matter.”

“I’m just saying… I wanted to warn you ahead of time.”

Apparently, mom’s anticipated arrival requires a battle cry from my own little brother.