Just as we suspected, baby is just about done cooking. I had my last and final ultrasound to gauge the baby’s size and to make sure he’s doing ok on fluids. Overall, the appointment went well, aside from the fact that Jeff couldn’t make it.

I had the same tech who’s done my previous ultrasounds, so it was nice to see a familiar face. Third UltrasoundIt was the same old routine. She did an overall scan and told me that we more than likely wouldn’t be able to see baby very well since he’s all squished and out of space. She was right. Out of all the ultrasounds, this one was the most obscure. I couldn’t tell what anything was unless she pointed it out.

From what she said, baby is indeed in the right position, meaning he’s head down with back facing out. I’ve been saying that his butt has been jutting out under my ribs and I was right. The tech said he’s all set and there’s no way he’d be flipping at this point. When she was doing a scan of his head, Baby knew he was on camera. He turned to face us, as if he knew we were checking him out. I said something about his big ol’ head and she laughed and pointed out his adorable chubby cheeks. He’s looking like a chubby little dude.

She also said a few things that I was afraid of: She estimated that he’s more than likely a big baby, which could be attributed to my due date being earlier or to genetics. Either way, she sort of hinted that if I am overdue, he’ll be well done and I’d probably have issues getting him out based on his size today. Of course, she’s not my dr., so we’ll see what the dr’s assessment will be next Tuesday. At this point, baby B. is estimated to be 7lbs. 2 oz. Since it’s an estimate, he could be a lb. lighter or a lb. heavier, but she said she doubts he’s heavier than the 7 lb. estimate.

Things are looking good. With this news, Jeff and I decided that we’re starting to act as if he is going to arrive any day now. I mean, we’ve been acting like that, but since it was on the earlier side, we knew my dr. would stop labor. At this point, there’s no turning back. Bags are almost packed, carseat is in the car, we have all of his stuff in place and my work stuff is almost in order in case of early delivery. We still have some minor details to take care of, but all stuff we plan on taking care of this weekend. Imminently, the end is near.