“Life’s truest happiness is found in friendships we make along the way.”

Since a majority of my captive audience are my friends and family from back home and elsewhere, I thought I’d offer this preface to this weekend’s events.  Those that know this story can read onto the next post 🙂

A few weeks ago, I told the story about when I packed up my little Jetta, drove to NYC to pursue magazine journalism and left all my friends and family, including Jeff behind in Va.  Ask anyone who has relocated to a foreign place, they know how daunting the transition can be.  I remember one Friday night, my good friend from home called me up and was asking what I was doing that night.  Since I had just moved to NJ to my very first apartment on my own, appropriately enough, I was cutting and placing shelf liner in my empty cupboards.  My friend laughed at me because he knew how I loved to go out to the bars with our friends, so a Friday night spent lining my cupboards in a strange town, was truly a transition for me.  I remember being resentful at the fact that I didn’t have anything to do on a Friday night– no friends, nowhere to go, and no money at that point.  He did remind me though, “it’s not like you’re one to go friend-less.  You won’t always be lining shelves by your lonesome on a Friday night.”

It’s almost 7 years later, and even though we might still be lining shelves and nesting on a Friday night, things have definitely changed.  Not too long after I moved to NJ, I found a roommate for my 2 br apartment in Jersey City.  Not sure if many people know how this story goes, but I found my roommate on one of those roommate finder sites.  You had to pay to be listed or search for a room, so I figured, how crazy could these people be?  The first person I contacted and actually the only person I contacted was this girl who mentioned something about margaritas in her listing.  I’ll never forget that.  She had just graduated college, was working in the city, but commuting several hours a day.  She needed a room.  I needed a roommate.  Perfect!
One weekend, Aimee and her college roommate came to look at the place.  I showed her my humble little basement apartment, told her how I was casually looking for a normal roomie since I had just moved from Va. and we surprisingly, we clicked right away.  After I met Aimee, I sort of knew she’d be a great roommate.  Aimee and I lived together for about a year.  We became really great friends, have had a lot of fun (debaucherous) times together and along the way, she introduced me to all of her high school and college friends.  And the rest, they say is history!

Over the years as we’ve become the transplant Jerseyites, Jeff and I have made some really incredible friends, thanks to Aimee and Steve.  As hard as it is being away from home, it’s awesome to meet and connect with new friends, especially when you’re the odd man out.  As you get older, it’s so hard to meet couple friends that you both click with, but fortunately, we’ve never had that problem with this gang!  Everyone rocks.  At the beginning, there were times when we felt so alone and isolated up here, but thankfully those times never lasted long.

And that brings us to today, well actually, this past weekend.  I’ll say it again, but everyone rocks!