Apparently, over the past few months, my awesome friends Aimee, Alycia and a few other cohorts have been scheming a surprise baby shower/kegger/BBQ. A few months ago, Aimee told me about this mysterious party to make sure I was available. I joked with her and told her that I wasn’t making plans for August and September since I’d be gigantically pregnant at that point. I included all of my NJ girlfriends on my Va. shower invite list out of courtesy since all of them have included me in all of their ongoing milestones. I never ever expected them to go down to Va, much less do anything for us; I just wanted them to know that they’re just as much a big part of my life. Not to mention, everyone is busy this summer! My goodness, several of our girlfriends have gotten married or are getting married this year, a few others had babies, bought new houses, traveling to visit family, are getting their MBAs etc., I never suspected that they’d find the time to put together a little party for us! See how much our friends rock?

me at baby showerAfter all the scheming, Aimee and everyone surprised me on Saturday. I knew we were going to this “birthday party” but I didn’t know I’d be the guest of honor. The sneaky hosts even put out Happy Birthday balloons on their mailbox. If I’d known this party was for me, I would’ve at least picked a different outfit. AND been on time for a change. haha. But really, when I waddled in to the backyard, I was completely overwhelmed by their surprise. I’m sure I looked like a giant jackass when I was like, “Surprise? who me? What is going on!?” To see all of your good friends together in your honor is such wonderful thing.
NJshower 016Baby shower gamesbabyshowergamesmePin the baby on the ladyBaby Shower Cupcakesbabyshowergamesbaby
Now, if you know us, then you must know how awesomely crazy and funny our friends are! I was just IMing Aimee on Friday how I was ‘done’ doing baby stuff every weekend. And how I was ready to get this show on the road, but how I was also excited to be able to relax with our friends on Saturday. So, our baby shower/BBQ was a perfect way to relax! It wasn’t your typical baby shower with your run of the mill baby shower games. Oh no. You see, our friends always step it up a notch.

The parents to beThe baby shower was complete with a keg, baby pong and other hilarious drinking games for the drinkers. We had an NC-17 game of pin the baby on the lady, little plastic brown and white babies to play baby beer pong and even a baby carriage pinata (filled with some hysterical goodies for the non-parents!) The food was delicious, as were the desserts. The cupcakes were the culinary highlight, I have to say. It might sound a bit askewed for some, but for this crowd, this jeffpinata3baby shower was so much fun! I smiled and laughed so hard all day, it was a perfect way to relax with all of our friends.

As if the party itself wasn’t enough, everyone spoiled this baby rotten. I mean rotten. Aimee and a few of the girls put together a really great clothesline of clothes. Jeff didn’t realize that the clothes were for us since there were few other pregnant ladies there. So, he was announcing (repitiously I might add) which onesies and shoes he was claiming. Aimee repeatedly had to tell him they were all Baby B’s. After several games of bawesome clotheslineaby beer pong, Jeff couldn’t be happier about the awesome silver sneakers and Junkpunch onesie he kept claiming! Two of our friends are shoe designers, so from what I understand, they reserved some shoes for baby B. Yeah, our friends are cool like that.

the giftsEveryone got the Babe tons of really wonderful things, including adorable onesies, more Mets gear, his Pack and Play, booster seat, bathtub, changing pad, health kit, some fun toys and functional essentials. To say that we’re incredibly grateful doesn’t begin to describe how thankful we are for such thoughtful and wonderful friends in our life. Since we’re the “old couple” in the crowd, everyone is getting married and starting to have kids. Braedan, who is almost 3 months, was the first little guy of the group. And I believe Baby B will be the 2nd. Some have said they’ll “catch up” with us on the next kid. haha. Whenever these guys start their own brood, it’ll be a true honor to watch all of our little kids grow up, enjoy the same laughs and good times together!

The galsTo the whole gang if you read this: from the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so much for not only showering us with so much love and laugBaby Daddy taking a nap.hter over the weekend, but also for being such great friends over the years.