What was expected to be another whirlwind, non-stop weekend turned out to be an amazing and totally unexpected whirlwind weekend. Aside from our incredible friends’ surprises (separate detailed post later) we had some other big stuff going on, namely the arrival of baby’s furniture!

For awhile there, with the craziness of my body and a few friends of friends delivering a month early, we were making contingent plans, short of having baby sleep in a dresser drawer. We were never dresser drawer desperate, but we did start feeling the crunch for the arrival of our crib. If worse came to worse, we would’ve made due by getting a moses basket or even a stand alone bassinet. But thankfully, we got the call on Friday that our crib finally arrived!

Since we ordered our crib from a baby store in the city, and carrying a large box onto the subway isn’t logistically the best route, we opted to get up bright and early and drive in. Even though our apartment is about a mile away from the city, after finding parking and maneuvering through the early weekend traffic, it still took us about 45 minutes to get to the store.

It was like Christmas morning for Jeff. He was so eager and anxious to pick the crib up, he could hardly sleep the night before. So, on the ride over, he was practically shaking out of excitement. I had to ask him to relax a bit so he could tone down the road rage. Jeff + driving through the city + excitement= almost volatile result.

We finally arrived, picked up the crib in its ginormous box and stuffed it into our Liberty. The trip home, of course, took about an hour because of construction and traffic. But once we parked and got that baby in the house, Jeff practically ripped the box to shreds!

It took him awhile to locate the English instructions, but once he finally did, the curse words leveled out. It seemed like we had instructions in every language but english! Since he was just assembling the bassinet part of the crib, it didn’t take as long as we had envisioned. Once Jeff finished up, we set the parts aside for the eventual full size crib and then both sat there enamored by this simple piece of furniture. Its small size, undoubtedly, doesn’t measure the grand scale of love and change it represents, nor the excitement! We haven’t totally finished setting up the closet nursery because of the various weekend events, but hopefully, we’ll finish it within the next couple of days. For now, we’re enjoying just admiring the little guy’s little crib.

So, not only did our crib come in, but so did our rocker/glider!

baby furniture

As mentioned before, my mother in law, Jeff’s sister as well as Jeff all contributed to the glider/rocker for the baby shower and my birthday.
The chair is even more beautiful and comfortable than the model in the store. It reclines, glides, swivels and sucks you in. Since we hoped for a chair to mesh with our existing decor, rather than a nursery rocker, the chair exceeds all my expectations. I can totally see myself curling up with a magazine on the couch and watching my boys sit in the chair watching baseball together. I.love.it!

Tonight, as we were watching our Sunday night shows, Jeff curled up with Baby B.’s newly washed blanket and succumbed to the comfort of the chair…snoring, no less.

Even though it was “my” gift, we all know whose throne it really is 😉