As if Jeff didn’t spoil us enough with goodies from work, his coworkers ended up spoiling us even more today!  I got a cute picture message from him this morning at 9 or so.  It was this obscure image:

man shower

I squinted and turned it and studied it, and he emailed me to say that the girls threw him a “man shower.”  Jeff works in the corporate office of a Big Box company.  And because of this setting, many of his coworkers have always been females…very thoughtful females at that.  He said his friend at work organized the little party and even put together the (above) gift basket.  It’s a basket full of glorious goodies like bibs, onesies and some of our favorite natural baby products, Burt’s Baby Bee.  They also got us a very generous giftcard to our favorite baby store 🙂

Not only do I have some really kickass coworkers, but apparently, so does Jeff!!