After an exhausting day that went from bad to worse and ended with an overflow of emotion, I couldn’t help but be angry at the world. I wasn’t upset at anyone or anything in particular, more like frustrated over some pertinent details.

In my world, when it rains, it pours. I’m a worrier, a planner and a perfectionist, sometimes to a fault. With those characteristics, I’m also an eternal stress case.

And then, there’s my husband. His simple presence negates all those worries, even though my world is crashing down around us. I’ve touted his awesomeness before, but in case I haven’t done it enough, after the tumultuous day I’ve had, I wanted to reinforce just how lucky we are. We, meaning Baby and me.

They say the foundation of any relationship is a solid friendship and trust. Well, luckily, we’ve got all that and more. When times get tough, it’s always been Jeff and me against the world.

These problems and hurdles aren’t solved yet or squared away. With his distinctive laugh and giant hug, I know we’ll always be more than ok. And for that, I’m beyond lucky.