Just a few notes before I start my work day…

My girlfriend from back home, Tanya, is due any day now.  Her dr. said that she should have her baby boy by the end of the week! So, I’m anxiously awaiting a text from her saying that the latest labor remedy worked for her.  Last night we talked about that infamous Eggplant Parmesan recipe.  She’s the type of gal who thrives on chicken strips, so for her to even think about eating something involving eggplant can only indicate her level of desperation 🙂  No really, it is a special time for my good friend and even though we’re far apart, she’s one of the handful of people I keep close contact with from back home.

I’m working a half day today because I have another dr’s appt.  My doctors are back in town and this will be the first visit since last week’s trip to l&d.  Even though the nurses at the office and hospital have surpassed all of my expectations in the doctors’ absence, seeing my favorite dr. today will be reassuring.  Judging from the physical pressure I’m now feeling and the occasional back pain, I think little man is heading south.  I’m still having contractions here and there, but again, nothing worth timing.  Typically, my belly aches especially after walking or climbing all those stairs from my commute, but surely, it’s only the beginning of what’s to come.  I’ll say it again, but as much as I’ve bitched about my rigorous commute, all this walking and exercise has made a big difference over the past few months.  I guess we’ll find out today if my due date will officially be moved up (like I predicted at the very beginning) …or maybe, just maybe, I’ll be put on disability a few weeks early.  Since my doc deals with a lot of patients like me who live in NJ and commute into the City, he hinted at the last appointment that he mandates disability a little earlier to avoid pre term labor or actual labor on public transportation or things like that.  Not sure if I’ll be a candidate for that, but we’ll find out today.

This afternoon, we also have an informational meeting at the pediatricians’ office we’ve chosen.  We decided to go with the most convenient practice for us.  The doctors are well revered in town and other parents have spoken highly of them.  The location is convenient, as are the hours.  Like our other doctors, we can easily walk to the office since it’s only 4 blocks away.  You can schedule appointments online, call drs 24/7 and they even do at home visits.  We weren’t going to “interview” drs because we really didn’t feel the need to do so.  But since this practice offers an informational session for prospective patients, we thought we’d take advantage of it.

A few people have been asking what I’ll do if Jeff’s at work and I go into labor.  (We have one car and Jeff works about 40 minutes away.)  Logistically the best answer is, barring any insane City traffic or whatever, I’m sure Jeff will be only minutes away to take me to the hospital.  If the scenario calls for it and Jeff can’t make it home in time, I assume I’ll take a cab or opt to go to the hospital down the street.  A friend of mine was like, a cab? Really?  Sounds strange to those who aren’t familiar with urban life.  Isn’t that how Manhattanites get to the hospital?  If I’m at work or in the City and go into labor, my friend at work will accompany me to the hospital.  The hospital sits on the River, which means it’s easily accessible by livery car, cab, ferry, PATH or bus.  These are just tentative solutions, I guess we’ll have to make more concrete plans in the coming weeks.  With all the different modes of transportation, we’ll make it to the hospital one way or another!