I lost count of what appointment we’re on. We had quite the productive afternoon yesterday. To start the doctor’s appointment, I had a totally unnecessary blood test. Yeah. The waiting room was packed and every seat was filled. One of the nurses called Jennifer, so I instinctively stood up. (Btw, this is why I dislike being called Jennifer 😉 People that I give business cards to and my parents in disciplinary mode only address me as Jennifer. Any other scenario makes me uncomfortable. Weird, I know. But hey I love my name, but it goes with the territory when you share the same name with several billion other females who were born in the 70s.) So, yeah, the nurse called Jennifer, so I go and follow her. She draws my blood, which I assumed was routine. We chatted about Wendy Williams and 50 Cent and the test was done. I went back into the waiting room, where OCD Jeff was going nuts over this tv that had poor reception. After an unusually long wait, the nurse brought us into the room. The nurse that drew my blood laughed it off when she said she drew blood from the wrong Jennifer. UM, duh. See what happens when I get called Jennifer!

Anyway, after almost an hour wait, we finally saw our favorite OB today. We told him about last week’s hospital visit and we talked about the cool nurse from our child birth class, among other things. He had a copy of my urinalysis test which revealed that I had signs of an infection, which he said, was likely the cause of the regular contractions. I have to finish my antibiotics and go back and take another test later this week to make sure it’s all gone. The dr. checked, just in case, to see if I’ve made progress. I’m 50% effaced with no dialation, which could mean anything really. I could make more progress soon, or I could go until the end of September. With my luck, this child will make his grand entrance in early October. That would only be my luck. If I was able to have contractions due to an infection the ONLY week both of my doctors were out of the office at the same time in six years, I’m sure something else will come up. It’s sort of like the whole “no lettuce in the lunch line” predicament, right Kel? In order to be prepared, I can only expect the unexpected. I have one last final ultrasound either next week or the week after to make sure fluid levels are ok. And from there, hopefully they can determine his size. (I’ve been having bad dreams relating to my anxieties of this baby’s size.)

Later in the evening, we went to the informational session at the Pediatrician’s office. The few block walk takes about 10 minutes, but it actually took us close to 20 at my sloth-like pace. We were there along with another couple. Judging from their questions, we figured out they don’t live in town. Particularly, they were asking about parking. What? Parking? What’s that? The 2 doctors in the practice are Polish and seem extremely straight forward. I resisted my normally inquisitive and reporter tendencies and let Jeff ask the questions. He asked the doctors’ background, their philosophies on alternative meds and a few other concerns that have crossed our minds. Me? I just had to know if they check their email often. I’m an email person, myself. So, it’s good to know that they check their email frequently for non-urgent questions. These doctors came highly recommended from our OB, as well as from someone from our childbirth class. Overall, we were extremely impressed by the doctor’s mild manner, as well as his succinct ability to tackle all of our concerns, without having to ask so many questions.
From someone whose pediatrician record is probably 10 folders long, I have to say, times have definitely changed. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent at the dr’s office because of my recurring pink eye, tonsillitis or whatever random illness I had as kid. If we have to visit the pediatrician half as many times as my parents did with me, then I’m more than happy with the first impression we received from this practice.

Things are falling into place! We’ve got the pediatrician, we’ve got the baby stuff, we’ve got the paperwork and maybe even a spot on TV (more on that later)…all we need now is the guest of honor.